How On-demand Grocery App Transforms Traditional Shopping Experience

On-demand grocery delivery apps – The world battles hard against the COVID-19 pandemic. While following the norms like social distancing and staying at home amid a lockdown-like situation, we witness a significant increase in the demand for grocery and food items. People prefer to give online orders for necessary groceries and get them at their doorstep. No one wants to go to a crowded marketplace and stands in a long queue for buying goods or paying money. These are a few reasons for the rise of on-demand grocery apps.

on-demand grocery app

Customized grocery delivery apps are useful in two ways. On one hand, they can give a pleasant and safe shopping experience to the app users, and on the other hand, these apps can help us prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we had witnessed a surge in the number of downloads of on-demand grocery apps like Walmart Grocery and Instacart. But, the pandemic has made a significant rise in the number of downloads. For example, Walmart Grocery recorded a massive jump of 160% in daily downloads recently.

Here we are going to see how a customized grocery app can transform the traditional brick-and-mortar grocery shopping experience. Many grocery retailers have opted for digitizing their business processes for providing enhanced shopping experience to their customers. This trend has given a rise to the grocery app development domain.

Currently, the expectations are very high for the grocery industry. As per an official forecast, the industry will double its revenue by 2021. This seems possible with the recent surge in the number of downloads of online grocery delivery apps. Let’s find out how on-demand grocery app solutions influence traditional shopping.

  • More Comfort and Convenience

The biggest benefit of an on-demand grocery app is it facilitates users to give orders while having the comfort of their homes. Users can get the delivery at their doorsteps, which is the most convenient way to get the necessary items. Altogether, the app is designed to enhance convenience for people especially during the lockdown-like situation in this COVID-19 age.

As compared to the traditional shopping method where people have to visit the brick-and-mortar store for purchasing groceries, the online shopping experience using the app is way more comfortable.

  • Price Comparison

When it comes to offline shopping, the price comparison is difficult because it is impossible to compare the cost of every product manually. In online shopping, the comparison process is automated. The grocery delivery app can show you all the related items along with prices and you can readily compare them before purchasing. It is very simple in the app. You can simply open the app and search for a particular product.

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You can see related items and other offers for this product instantly in the app. All you need to do is select the item and give the order.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Reviews matter the most when you go shopping. Now, in offline shopping, you cannot get any reviews regarding the product or its quality. It keeps you unaware of the quality and chances are high that the product disappoints you.

This is not the case in online grocery shopping through apps. The app shows you all reviews and ratings regarding any products. You can also read the description to get more information about the products. In a way, the app helps you make informed purchase decisions. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer online buying these days.

  • Online Payment

Cash payment is okay but during the time of emergency or the pandemic situation, it is better to opt for online payment. However, many grocery shop owners still hesitate to accept online payment, and customers may face difficulties in purchasing goods. On the other hand, the online grocery app offers many payment options. Customers can pay through credit or debit cards, UPI, net banking, or any popular ways with ease.

The online payment method is secure and swift. It helps people to get rid of the risks of infection while exchanging currency notes. In a way, the grocery delivery app can give a seamless shopping experience.

  • Reduction in Unnecessary Buying

Offline or traditional shopping has many disadvantages. One of them is customers may buy unnecessary stuff and their budget is not maintained. Chances are high that people buy additional products while roaming through the supermarket and they may not use them for many months. Online grocery orders can help customers to stay away from such a mentality. They are always aware of choices through the checkout process while using the grocery app. They can also verify the products before checkout in an app.

  • Easy Bulk Buying

Bulk buying is highly cost-effective but it is cumbersome for customers if they have to manage everything themselves. Thanks to automation in online shopping, customers can easily give orders in bulk and get home delivery. It can save their time, money, and efforts.

How about getting all the necessary things right at your doorstep? You can skip the queue and get the pleasure of shopping. You can have time to do other activities while your order is on the way. These benefits are enough to highlight the usefulness of online shopping through a customized on-demand app.

  • Subscription and Reward Benefits

The reward system or loyalty program is the most popular online way to attract more customers. The grocery delivery app with rewards can bring more business and customers can get more value for their money and efforts to join new customers. In a way, these benefits can assist customers to get groceries in a more cost-effective way.

It is fair to mention that on-demand grocery apps are highly capable of providing excellent customer services to app users. This is the reason why many grocery retailers and startups have brought dedicated grocery apps.

Concluding Lines

User-friendly interface, personalized customer experience, extensive support, and automation give online grocery shopping an edge over the traditional ways of shopping. The on-demand grocery apps have gained ground quickly in the recent turbulent times, and this trend is here to stay. The grocery app development company can make this transformation from traditional to online quicker with innovative app solutions in the coming days.

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