On-Site SEO Tips for Beginners

Every good SEO campaign begins with an optimized website. Although off-site SEO is just as important as on-site SEO, it is difficult to promote a site that is not optimized in the first place. When you use SEO services from top companies such as majestic on-site SEO will be the first thing they focus on. If you are just getting started with your own SEO campaign, here are a few tips you can use to jumpstart your efforts.

On-Site SEO Tips for Beginners

Optimized & Linkable Content

At the heart of every good SEO campaign, there’s a set of content that is both readable and linkable. The practice of stuffing keywords into your content has been long forgotten. Search engine crawlers – and the algorithm behind these search engines – can now take the quality of your articles and other content into considerations. This is done by measure a multitude of parameters, including your users’ time on site and bounce rate.

Instead of filling your articles and pages with keywords, try to integrate a moderate amount of the keywords you are targeting into critical elements. The URL of the page, the page’s title and <h1> elements should include the keyword or variations of it for maximum SEO performance.

You also need to make sure that the content is linkable. Make it very easy for users to share your content and get tons of backlinks in return. Avoid using unnecessary elements such as AJAX-based content displays or protected pages whenever necessary.

Your content is there to meet a particular set of demands. The better your articles are, the more users you will get generically. This, in time, will multiply the effectiveness of your pages, allowing your site to rank much higher in search results. As you rank higher, you get more traffic from search engines and better ranks as a result.

Good Layout and Codes

If content is the heart of every SEO campaign, then design is the body. A well-designed website provides the best user experience and allows users to spend a lot of time on the site without feeling bored or having difficulties. The layout and codes of your site must also be SEO-friendly.

When working with an SEO company, one of the first things they will evaluate is the design of your site. The correct tags must be added for pages on your site to be SEO-friendly. The same goes for the way the contents are displayed.

Consistent navigation, easy to use layouts and a clean, simple way of displaying articles and other contents on the site are the three things you need to focus on when you are just getting started. Avoid elements that will distract – or even annoy – your users, no matter how effective they may seem at first glance. A huge popup asking users to subscribe, for instance, can be quite annoying and will scare quite a lot of your visitors away.

Don’t forget to check for cross-browser compatibility. Your site needs to look ‘right’ no matter what browser users use to open it. It also needs to be mobile-friendly, so be sure to check the way your pages appear on smartphones and tablets.

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