Game behind Pakistan attack in Quetta

Armed men entered into a Police training center on Monday and detonated explosives in the province of Baluchistan. The Pakistan attack claimed the lives of 51 police trainees.

Pakistan attack in Quetta

Pakistan attack in Quetta

A highly placed official from Pakistan noted that around 120 people had been wounded. Most of the injured were also either paramilitary troops or police trainees.

According to another security official, the death toll from the Pakistan attack was 61 dead. Security forces have revealed that the attackers on Police training center were in contact with people in neighboring Afghanistan.

Quetta attack

The attackers belonged to a banned terror network. ISIS has claimed responsibility for Pakistan attack on police training center in Quetta.

The Pakistan attack on police training center started with four to six gunmen firing and rushing to the hostel. The training center is located in a suburban part of the capital Quetta.

One of the witnesses told a local newspaper that the attackers fired shots so the trainees had to rush towards safety. Some of them climbed the roof and jumped on the other side in order to save their lives.

Security in the city was tight after the Pakistan attack on police training center in Quetta. A top health official said that several police trainees lost their lives when explosives were detonated by the attackers.

Our sources told the actual death toll of the Pakistan attack may rise since many of the wounded were in serious condition.

While, security officials have also stated that the attackers may have had help from the inside. Police and security forces are clearing the area in order to apprehend any hidden attackers.

Baluchistan Insurgency

Baluchistan has been plagued by a low intensity insurgency for the past few years. There are fears that the Islamic State group may also be present in the area that borders Afghanistan.

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