How Personal Accident Insurance Cover Unexpected Incidents?

personal accident insurance
Personal Accident Insurance

There is complete financial protection provided with Personal Accident Insurance Policy. The insured get protected against any uncertain events such as accidental death, accidental bodily injuries, partial/total disability and permanent total disability. These uncertainties never knock your door before entering like these days covid-19 is doing. What you have to do is to stay safe by taking certain precautionary measures. If you will be self-prepared it would be easier to tackle the anti-situation. Buying a personal accident insurance policy is that precautionary measure that gives you financial assistance or safety in case if you need it. Because mishappenings never alert you before it arrives, it can happen anytime. These uncertainties may lead to the financial crisis which is not in the favor of anyone obviously. That’s the reason you must buy a personal accident insurance cover. You can buy it online easily just by visiting an insurance website and following the given procedure. It protects you from unnecessary money drain by providing financial support for you and your family against accidental death, bodily injury and disabilities (partial or permanent). Compensation has bifurcated according to the level of injury. For example, there is 100% compensation for accidental death where the nominee gets the amount from the insurer.

Following are the number of coverages available with personal accident insurance –

Accidental death: It is important to buy personal accident insurance to have financial backup at the time of grief. It tends to support your family after you. Unfortunate things happen and you can’t stop them. So, in case of accidental death personal accident cover stand by you as the insurance company provides 100% compensation to reimburse this loss. While buying personal accident policy whether individual or group don’t forget to read its complete information with terms and conditions given.

Permanent total disability: In case if someone meets with an accident and becomes completely disabled due to bodily injury, fatal disease or adverse sickness. This considered a permanent total disability in which insured gets the compensation of 100% of sum insured as per the plan. The permanent total disability such as loss of both the eyes and Loss of two entire hands or two entire feet, the insured is eligible to get 100% compensation. The accident should be the sole reason for permanent total disability within the coverage.  Permanent partial disability: Permanent partial disability is the situation in which a person is partially disabled due to an accident. Because of which he/she is unable to continue the job that led down the livelihood and to bring it up financial support is required. Therefore, under this cover, the insurer provides compensation of up to 70% sum insured for partial disablement such as loss of an arm at the shoulder joint and others as mentioned in the policy copy.

Temporary total disability: This injury makes the person unable to perform regular tasks or activities. If an insured suffers from an accidental bodily injury, that leads to temporary total disablement during the policy period. He/she will be benefited with weekly payment of a fixed sum insured. Till they get back to their normal lives and activities.

Additional Benefit Transportation of Mortal Remains: Apart from the above covers, there is an additional benefit of transportation of mortal remains available. There is a certain amount of sum insured is fixed for this facility for the insured.

Children‘s Education Benefit: Children education is another benefit given to the insured if any incident happens. The insurance company takes care of insured and their kids too so that they can’t be left abandoned. All these factors are enough to explain the importance of personal accident insurance.

See the following chart to understand the percentage of sum insured provided for mentioned covers

Personal Accident Cover  Sum Insured (%)
Accidental death  Sum insured 100%
Permanent Total Disability (losing both limbs, eyes, hearing & speaking ability/  Sum insured 100%
Permanent Partial Disability (loses a limb or an eye partially  Sum insured up to 70%
Temporary Total Disability(1 % of capital sum insured per week, maximum Up to Rs.50000/- per week)
Transportation of mortal remains  (Additional cover with Sum insured 2%)
Children’s education benefits (Additional Cover Additional cover with Sum insured 2%)  (Additional Cover Additional cover with Sum insured 2%)  

Final Words, so after getting through all such benefits of personal accident insurance policy what are you thinking to do next? Buy personal accident insurance and keep yourself and your family safe and secure.

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