Pope Francis Condemned Great Power of World for their Actions

Pope Francis is continually in the spot light for some time due to some recent events like political upsets or the environmental issues. Recently pope has declared the U.S visit planned for 2015 and the climate change affect that make him the constant source of media’s attention.

Pope Francis Condemned Great Power of World for their Actions

Continuing that on Sunday the Pope condemned the great powers of the world to beweakened to take action when there was intelligence representing Jews, Christians, homosexuals and others were being conveyed to death camps in Europe during the Second World War.

He also criticized the deaths of Christians in gulags in Russia further down the Stalin tyranny, which trailed the war. The pope’s harsh valuations came in spontaneous comments during his stay to Turin, northern Italy, when he expressed to the young people that he recognizes how they find it hard to trust the world.

“I know that the great powers had pictures of the railway courses that the trains seized to Auschwitz to kill Jews, Christians, homosexuals, everyone mentioning the death camp in Poland. The question is why didn’t they bomb those railroad routes?”

Mentioning to the gulags in Russia, the pope Francis said to the public:

“It is a tragedy that numerous Christians suffered and were killed there. Sadly the skepticism of world players in the 1930s and 1940s, known as the great powers divided up Europe like a cake.”

Saying his deepest condolences to the poor Christians he mentioned the great disaster of Armenia. I remember that in the last century, so many, millions of Armenians died. In this act what part were the great powers played and they were looking the other way.

As good as Catholic foundations and Judeo-Christian scriptures, pope appeal to the people that he knows how they feel and thee lack of trust in the rest of world in not knew for him. This affects the entire Christian community and creates an environmental plunge on humans, usually bad ones; or an exquisitely mutual standing of inlet and ancalling to strengthen God’s work.

In April, the pope infuriated Turkey when he mentioned to the slaughter of Armenians by Turkish Ottomans as “genocide.” Mentioning his sympathy he said in today’s world, all is done for money and nothing else.

He assessed those supporting peace while developing or selling arms. Francis repeated his view that fights in the world today isequivalent to “a Third World War in segments.”

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  • So……We have the right to condemn the “slaughter of Christians”………..Let me see now…..Just how many millions of BABIES, who have never sinned and have only known the warmth and protection of their mother’s womb have been grabbed by a pair of “tongs”, felt their heads being crushed and then been pulled out and discarded like just so much refuse, OR, perhaps been cut apart for organs and tissue? Remember the old “Drawn and Quartered” punishment of old where your arms and legs are tied to four horses and let the fun begin when the horses are whipped apart.. Well? At least the baby’s parts might save someone’s life.. Oh yeah…hurrah for humanity. Right! And this is done, why? because a woman would have been faced with having to take care of this monster that just invaded her body while she was preoccupied saving the world. Yeah, Pope. Where is your indignation? Where is your disgust? Where is your Humanity? This is REAL. This is not made up to sell “Green” crap made by the Chinese and hawked by snake-oil salesmen writing made-up stats in doom-and-gloom best sellers.. On a clear day, when you’re in the right neighborHOODS, you can smell the stench of it.