Pro-Tips To Attract More People In Your Survey

For today’s savvy marketers, tracking meaningful data is the key to understand successful lead generation strategy. Of this data, collecting feedback from customers and prospects is one of the crucial steps towards the success of their business.

customers feedback Survey
  • How do you know your customers are happy?
  • How would you find that you are doing a good job?
  • More importantly, how do you find if you are doing a bad job?

It’s validating to know where you are doing well and where you are lacking. To improve yourself, having customers’ feedback is especially valuable. And the best way to collect feedback is “surveys!”

A well-done survey can yield eye-opening information that changes the direction of an organization for the better. On the other hand, a poorly written survey will give you useless data while making a frustrating experience for the prospect.

So, how do you cut through the noise and have respondents not only pay attention, but also fill it out? Probably by adding elements in the feedback survey they want! We have listed four tips to nudge your respondents through a survey and make a positive experience without losing the data you are seeking:

Online Survey

Since online surveys come very handy, people overwhelmingly prefer to participate in these surveys either through website submission or sending via email. Meanwhile, very few people prefer to send their survey responses via the ordinary postal system.

A bonus tip: Create a survey through an online survey software that understands the demographics; for instance, you can send a survey on Thursdays and Fridays at the peak response time you feel your target prospects are most active.

Keep It Relevant

Make sure to ask questions that are relevant to your customers, and that should have the power to hold them till the end.  It should be designed in a way to get you useful information that answers your major queries–so neither it wastes neither your respondents’ time nor yours. If you feel the survey should be short enough to get you relevant feedback, then stick to it rather than stretching it unnecessary.

However, there might be times when you need to conduct longer surveys, especially if you need to measure various dimensions of employee engagement or more. In this case, remember to make it an engaging way, so your customers don’t lose interest. 

Compelling Offers

While incentives are one of the sure-fix ways to have your customers complete the feedback survey, don’t encourage them to rush into and give you irrelevant feedback.

Incentives like discounts, gift cards, or cash back can develop an interest in completing the survey with the most honest opinion, which in turn will help you in your improvements.

Keep It Understandable and Apparent

There are chances that you receive inaccurate answers because of the confusing questions you put up in your survey. The worst part is this can yield unreliable data certainly due to logistical issues or something else. Make sure to review your survey questions before putting it out to your customers. This quick analysis will help improve the quality of your survey and, as a result, receive clear answers.

Before you embark on your next survey, keep these tips in mind; put yourselves in your personas’ shoes. Also, ensure that you are weighing your own objectives against the agenda of others that are in their way to lend a hand!

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