Read This If You are Keen to Join the Navy

What is a good career like? Good money, travel opportunities, and a sense of pride attached to what you are doing. Well! Navy brings all that and much more. Like other defence services, the contentment, prestige, and adrenalin rush that comes with working as a Navy personnel is unmatchable and is especially suited to those who love to travel the world and earn a great livelihood simultaneously. Further, the right mix of challenges that help a person grow both professionally and personally and unparalleled perks and comfort make the Indian Navy a dream career for many. But, many times, due to lack of quality merchant navy courses in India, many capable youngsters lose the chance of joining the sea military force.

Read This If You are Keen to Join the Navy

Read this article to understand the what, why, and how related to Navy services so that you are headed for a well-guided preparation.

Job Profile

To join Merchant Navy, there are primarily five branches of Indian Navy that you may apply depending upon your qualifications and the vacancies available. These are as follows:

  • Engineering Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Electrical Branch
  • Medical Branch
  • Education Branch

There are several job profiles for different positions in each branch. It is advisable to read about the eligibility criteria, training period, duties, and pay-band when you are about to apply for a job in Navy. Basically, protecting the sea-borders, warfare, import and export of goods via the sea are the three main functions of the Navy. But as mentioned above, to keep everything sorted and afloat, a sea of other functions are to be conducted. Hence, that is why there is a variety of job-positions that the Navy offers at all levels.

Eligibility Criteria

A degree in Science, both at the school level and the university level, is the first criterion is that you should be meeting to be a part of the Navy. There may be some exceptions, for example, a degree in Communications for a handful of positions in the PR department of the Navy. But overall, a degree in Science with specialisation in the job-specific subject is mandatory. For example, students who have completed their degree in mechanical/electrical engineering can apply to positions for engineers in the Navy. Check the following link to know whether or not you are eligible to join.

Physical Requirements

Fitness plays a major role if you are keen to join the Navy. Some of the criteria both men and women must fulfil include 6/6 eyesight with no colour blindness; height should be 157 cms for males and 152 cms for females. Other than for aviation entries, there may be height relaxation based on the region one comes from.

Other requirements

Candidates must be unmarried/single. Some people interpret this in simplistic terms. But going deeper will make a prospective candidate realise that this condition reflects the rigour and dedication required from a Navy personnel. As followed by the Army and the Air Force too, the Navy does not want its employees engaged in household duties while they are to undergo arduous training to keep the nation safe. It is done to ensure a 100% commitment from the trainees. However, married candidates may be considered for a few positions wherein age upon entry is higher.  

Selection Procedure

 As mentioned on the official website of the Indian Navy, “Officer’s recruitment is advertised through Employment News and all important national and regional newspapers/dailies. Selection for Permanent Commission through NDA/NA cadet entry and CDSE (Graduate) entry is through a written examination conducted by UPSC, followed by an interview by the Service Selection Board (SSB). For all other Permanent Commission entries and Short Service Commission entries there is no written examination. Applicants are short-listed as per criteria laid down by the Naval Headquarters, (Directorate of Manpower Planning & Recruitment).”

For detailed guidance, it is recommended to join a reputed institute that helps prepare for examinations to enter the Indian Navy.

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