Republican candidate John Kasich Shows Surprising Popularity on Google Trends

Google Trends reports that the governor of Ohio is the most widely searched Republican candidate.

Republican candidate John Kasich shows surprising popularity on Google Trends

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich made a surprise showing on Google Trends on Tuesday before the New Hampshire primary. Kasich has been trying to boost his campaign for the past few days. John Kasich beat fellow Republican Donald Trump by 3-2 in Dixville Notch – a small town and the first to vote in the primary.

Kasich successfully channeled voters’ interest in the state. It was revealed through the data on Google Trends on Tuesday evening that the governor of Ohio was the most widely searched candidate. Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz were respectively the second and the third most searched candidates under the search phrase “vote for…” on Google Trends.

John Kasich had tied feasibility of his presidential campaign to the New Hampshire result. In the Republican caucuses in the state of Iowa, he was able to earn less than two percent votes. It was the first state-by-state contests for nomination in the presidential elections scheduled for November 8. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic candidate also remained strong on other social media networks.

Sanders, was subject of a large number of conversations among millennials in New Hampshire beating Hillary Clinton, his rival within the Democratic Party. The data was compiled by an app named Yik Yak which is very popular with youngsters. A famous news channel made a projection on Tuesday that Bernie Sanders, a US Senator from Vermont won the primary in New Hampshire.

On the other side, the billionaire businessman and Republican candidate, Donald Trump was projected by the same news network, to have won the primary in New Hampshire. Trump was the recipient of 61.3 percent on the Yik Yak app effectively beating Senator Ted Cruz from Texas who received only 12.4 mentions.

Bernie Sanders became the most widely discussed Democratic presidential candidate by receiving 55.3 percent mentions in the same application. Hillary Clinton could only receive 44.7 percent mentions. Yik Yak is an application that is based on location.

The data for the comparisons was measured between the caucuses in Iowa on February 01, and the primary in the New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders also earned an approval rating of 21.8 percent on Yik Yak application. Hillary Clinton only earned 7.4 percent.

Social media and application ratings do not translate into votes, however, they can be very good indicators of interest level that a particular candidate is commanding at any given point in time. Bernie Sanders had a very strong special media rating during the Iowa caucuses but he lost to Hillary Clinton with a narrow margin.

Likewise, the surprise showing on Google Trends pertaining to the Republican candidate John Kasich does not mean that he is going to win, but it will surely provide him with an edge over his rivals.

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