Rita Ora Goes to the Versace Show Without Underwear

Rita Ora risked a serious malfunction of the wardrobe when she went underwear free in an extremely daring dress to the highly anticipated and widely watched fashion show in the French capital.

Rita Ora Goes to the Versace Show Without Underwear

Of course, Rita Ora does not shine away from showing off some flesh, but the singer really surpassed herself when she came to the Versace fashion show which is part of the Haute Couture Paris Fashion week.

Rita Ora versace fashion show

The 25-year-old celebrity was not only wearing an orange dress, but she was also risking a serious malfunction of the mini dress that featured pieces that were cut out and held together in place with ropes.

The racy design allowed her to flash several parts of her young body. It also allowed people to guess that the judge of X Factor had refrained from wearing underwear underneath the dress. No Doubt, Rita Ora has become a daredevil when it comes to choosing her dress.

Everybody knows that baring everything is not a problem for the young singer. Which means that she is meant to be a Versace girl? She has been seen wearing Versace several times before. In fact, some of her very famous gowns on the X Factor are Versace. However, the rope dress must be her most daring dress until now.

While attending the show in Paris for the Versace brand, Rita Ora chose a dress straight from the catwalk picking a piece with the most stand-out looks. The dress is barely there – bright Orange mini dress that features cut our pieces held together with rope ties. It is definitely Versace – and definitely classic.

This is a couture item and cannot be bought off the shelf; however, if someone is daring enough to seek such a dress for themselves then they can find similar pieces available on the market from various designers.

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