5 Unique Ways You Can Use a Room Air Purifier

As we live in polluted times, the air purifier in India has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It is more or less as essential for existence as air, food and water.

room air purifier

We generally perceive that indoor air is clean and fresh and it’s the outdoor air that is laden with pollutants. The fact is that the indoor air quality is worse than outside because the outdoor air laden with different pollutants streams inside our homes.

This then gets trapped inside and the indoor pollutants like smoke from cooking or cigarette, paint fumes, pet dander, varnishes etc. further add to it making things worse. The only way to deal with it effectively and breathe in clean and safe air is by installing an air purifier in India.

Here are a few unique ways in which you can use a room air purifier:

Neutralize Smoke and Odours

Homes usually smell dingy due to the smoke accumulated due to cooking or if someone smokes in the family. The fragrance of spices also lingers forcing you to cough or have watery eyes. Cigarette smoke, as we all know, is bad for health. You can use a room air purifier to get rid of all this smoke from the indoor air.

Eliminate Pollens

Asthmatic patients or those allergic to pollens have a tough time, especially during the spring season. The pollens in the surrounding air can induce allergic reactions, cause irritation to eyes and can even cause hay fever. Using an air purifier with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter eliminates these pollens effectively from the indoor air.

Prevent Airborne Illnesses

The HEPA filters in air purifiers have the potential of removing up to 99 percent of all the pollutants present in indoor air. This includes mould spores, microbes, pet dander etc. The various types of bacteria, viruses and allergens present in indoor air are the root cause of several diseases. If you get them sucked out of the indoor air using a room air purifier, you can prevent airborne sicknesses.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Installing an air purifier helps in keeping the lungs healthy. Lungs are responsible for filtering the inhaled air by absorbing oxygen and exhaling out carbon dioxide. When you breathe in polluted air, it puts an extra workload on lungs and if this continues for long then a person can develop breathing issues and other health problems. A good air purifier in India ensures that the lungs don’t have to work extra hard and hence help in keeping it healthier.

Trap All Airborne Allergens

There are a lot of allergens that keep circulating in the indoor air like hair, pet dander, dust and dirt. Those residing in the house continuously breathe in air that is laden with all these particles and allergens. A room air purifier traps all these allergens and keeps the air clean thereby helping in combatting health issues arising due to these.

Technology has provided us with an appliance in the form of air purifier in India to fight air pollution and keep the air indoors clean and safe to breathe. We should thus make use of it.

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