Ensure 2200+ Marks in your next SAT exam

SAT exam – You probably have taken the SATs in the past or it might be your first attempt at this competitive exam. Irrespective of the number of tries, I want to congratulate you, for one thing, that is, deciding your target score. That’s the first step. And now that you have decided to aim for a score of 2200 or higher, well, you have challenged yourself. It would require some serious studying, some sacrifices, and all the hard work.

SAT exam
SAT exam

You see, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preparation, and how badly you want it. To help you with this endeavor, I have compiled a list of master tips that will surely secure a seat for you in your dream college. Let’s begin!

1.     Work on your Vocab

In the past, all the applicants who scored well in SATs had one thing in common: good vocabulary. But here’s a secret: They weren’t blessed with it naturally, they all worked their way towards it. If you divide your 2200+ aim into the four sections, you will have to achieve a reading score above or at least near the 700s.

Make sure you have enough time to read and aim to learn 40 or more new words every week until the test. This means, if you are 20 weeks to the test, you will learn nearly 800 new words. However, you might only see 12 of those in the SAT, but that might make a difference of 50 points. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the extra margins.

2.     Take full-length Sat exam practice tests

No one will ever be fully prepared for the SAT but this should not stop you from taking practice tests for SAT. That said, start giving practice tests and remember to time yourself. It’s best appeared right from the beginning at regular intervals.

What’s sat test – There are plenty of such tests you would find online. You might even spot some guides and practice tests even on the official website of the SAT or on some online tutoring websites like Etutorworld.

Sat exam questions – Not only do they give you a real-time experience of the actual test and show you where you stand, but also help you prepare. Plus, there are even high chances that some questions from the practice tests appear in the actual SAT. Try and sit for them on every weekend and keep a track of your performance.

3.     Seek professional help

Although not compulsory, when you are aiming for a score so high, considering tutoring will only be in your best interest. One-to-one tutors are the best because you will get undivided attention which will solve all your doubts almost immediately.

You can also reach out to a coaching or professional institute. The tutors are professionals, who are aware of your study patterns, strengths, and weaknesses in detail. They will help you achieve your goals with rigorous practice and efficient learning. They might even help you set a practice schedule, which brings us to our next point.

4.     Make the most of your productive hours

You can be a morning person or a night owl. The time of the day doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have a defined routine to make the most of your productive hours. A routine can be helpful for various reasons.

One, you will know what your goals are and the time you have to achieve them. For instance, if it is to learn 50 new words this week you will allocate time accordingly to your other chores. And second, organization and hard work will only help you stay ahead of time.

5. Keep it going                 

You have mapped out a schedule, are taking practice tests, reached out to professionals, everything is in place, and now all you need to do is practice and keep that adrenaline high. It all comes down to your hard work.

Remember this time will not come back. Tiny sacrifices today can be the reason for your success tomorrow. Trust me, everything will be worth it when you see the golden figure of 2200 on the scoreboard! Rounding up, let me conclude with a master tip. If you have appeared for SAT in the past and failed to achieve your desired score, before beginning with your preparation, find out why that happened. What were the mistakes you made? You don’t want to repeat them in the future. What were the subjects you were lacking in? You need to pay special attention to those.

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