Sean Diddy Combs Finally Free from Assault Charges

The most famous and active rapper was taken into custody a few weeks back for assault. But now it seems like the odds are shifting. The rapper Sean Diddy Combs will not be accused with felony assault stopping from an event comprising a kettle bell weight at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Sean Diddy Combs Finally Free from Assault Charges

But still it’s a crime and he still may face a reduced price. Combs who turns 45 was imprisoned on charges of attack with a deadly weapon last month by campus police, and detained in jail.

The news sources are saying now that the Music mogul Sean Diddy Combs will not face felony charges after a supposed attack last month at the university where his son plays football.

Combs was blamed of attacking somebody with a kettle bell and detained last month on three counts of assault with a lethal weapon. The first count was of making terrorist danger and one count of battery after an incident at an athletic training complex at UCLA.

Representatives for Combs said:

“The numerous versions of the event charges are being stated and are exclusively wrong. What we can say currently is that any activities taken by Mr. Combs were merely protective in nature to defend himself and his son.”

The event elaborate UCLA strength and training coach and previous New York Jets staffer Sal Alosi but particulars facts of the argument were not made clear. UCLA has denied a USA TODAY Sports appeal over the state’s public record laws for any video footage of the argument. According to the Combs’ attorney Mark Geragos said:

“This is in favor of us and we are grateful that the district attorney disallowed felony charges in this matter. This case not ever should have been part of the criminal justice system to initiate with.”

Media has reported the unproven assault saying that Combs fight with coach during a practice session but the representative for Combs is calling details of the incident exclusively inaccurate. Any actions taken by Mr. Combs were just defensive in order to protect himself and his son.

In the whole incident UCLA’s football coach Jim Mora called the encounter an unlucky incident for all parties involved and has prolong than it should be. In this all confusion of what happened or not the case has been dragged for one month, arrest was made but the evidence was not strong enough.

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