Shocking images show aboriginal man shot by the police

The shocking images show aboriginal man shot by the police in Cowra, Australia. Racial tensions erupted in Cowra after social media images showed police shooting of an aboriginal person in broad daylight. The person was shot in the buttocks. The 32 year old Dennis John ‘Doolan’ is currently being treated in the Orange hospital after the shocking police shooting.

Shocking images

Dozens of Mr. Doolan’s relatives came to the scene immediately and started shouting at the police. They booed the police with slogans like ‘black lives matter’ and ‘this is not America.’

Police reinforcements have arrived in Central West NSW town from other areas. Police has also requested the locals to remain peaceful. The aboriginal community in Cowra is very angry at the incident.

A local woman told a news channel that the police should be very careful from now on since they have started a war. A cousin of Mr. Doolan stated that the police and the aboriginal community in Cowra never got along well and there was tension simmering beneath the surface for the past many years between the two.

Steps have been taken in order to allow aboriginals greater assimilation. But these steps are very little and haven’t been able to carry out a proper reconciliation between the two different communities. It is obvious that there is a need for more steps.

The assistant police commissioner stated that the incident will be thoroughly investigated. It will also be made public. A critical incident team will carry out the investigation regarding the discharge of the firearms of the police. An independent review of the investigation will also be carried out.  Police is also saying that Doolan was also armed.

An eyewitness told a newspaper that Mr. Doolan’s number plate was smashed. He charged at the police with a screwdriver, and then attacked them with the handle of an axe. The axe did not have a blade. He was hot at this point.

One of the shocking images shows Mr. Doolan with his hands on the air walking in the opposite direction of the police officers. One of them is pointing a gun at him.

A photograph of the scene shows Mr. Doolan with his hands up as he appears to walk away from three police officers, as one point a gun in his direction.

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