Should I join the online casinos VIP program?

All quality gaming sites offer some kind of strategies to attract new players. Almost all betting sites are offering signup that can double the players’ first deposit amount. To keep the player interested, there are also other types of bonuses that can be claimed like free bets, no deposit bonus, free spins, and so much more. Those players who wanted to achieve a high life in online casinos aim to become part of VIP Program.

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Players who are members of the VIP program can receive enjoy more privileges at the casino site. However, before you achieve VIP status, you need to prove your loyalty to the casino. This means that you need to visit the casino site more often and spend lots of money playing their games.

So, is joining online casinos’ VIP program really worth it? Let’s answer that here.

What is the VIP program anyway and how to be part of it?

The VIP program which is also known as the loyalty program is one of the casino’s schemes to motivate their members in playing. When a player is part of this program, they can enjoy exclusive perks and gifts from the operator itself. If you want to know all the benefits you can get in an online casino, you can visit 88Bet. This website provides unbiased reviews and reliable guides to boost players’ chances of winning when playing in an online casino.

The terms and conditions of the VIP program vary from one casino operator to another. Many operators are using an “invitation-only” scheme. This means that before you received the VIP status, you must receive an invitation from the casino operator.

On other platforms, however, players need to send an application through email. The casino operator then will verify your account and examine your gambling habit. If you spend a lot of time playing their game, then there’s a good chance that your application gets approval from the operator.

There are also other gaming sites that allow all its members to join the VIP program. As soon as the player creates an account he or she will receive an entry-level VIP status and enjoy its perks. When the player continues to play the game, he or she can receive more points which can be used to increase his or her status. Ideally, the higher your status means more and bigger rewards you can claim.

Benefits of the VIP program

VIP bonuses are usually just improved bonuses that you used to receive before becoming a VIP. This means that players will receive a much higher amount of bonuses. For instance, VIP players can receive rebates as high as 15% of the accumulated deposits every week. This is several times higher than standard rebates which typically range from 1% to 5%.

There are also other exclusive bonuses that only VIP members can receive. This includes online casino free credit, birthday bonus, and free spins for slot games. They can also receive invitations to special tournaments with jaw-dropping prizes.

If you are a VIP member of the online casino, you can also enjoy special perks like exclusive customer support, higher deposit/withdrawal limits, and a faster withdrawal process.

The disadvantages

If you aim to be a VIP member on a casino site, you need to invest time and money. All online casinos have a deposit requirement for all VIP members. You need to reach this requirement in order for you to maintain your status or boost it to a higher level. This means that you have to spend more in playing casino games. This can hurt your finance if you are not careful. You can also develop a gambling addiction if you play regularly.

Should I join the VIP program?

Joining an online casino’s VIP program has both advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt you will receive a lot of perks from the operator if you are a VIP member. But in return, you need to show your loyalty to the casino. You will need to spend more money and time to maintain your status.

The answer on whether you should join a VIP program will depend on your gambling habits. If you are a high-roller and spend a long time at the casino, then you should take advantage of this program. Aside from bonuses, you will have an easier experience in making withdrawals to the casino. However, if you are just a casual player who plays casino games just to have fun, then it is not advisable to aim for VIP rewards. Maintaining the VIP status can hurt your pocket.

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