Simple Tips to Make a Unique Brand Identity

Word brand is pretty often used these days. Many people usually identify the company’s logo with the brand, which is partially true. Although, the brand means so much more. There is even a difference between brand and brand identity.

Simple Tips to Make a Unique Brand Identity

While the brand presents the emotional and business idea concepts, the brand identity refers to the visual component that makes a company recognizable to the customers. Furthermore, your brand identity helps your product differ from the competition. For that reason, creating a unique brand identity is of tremendous importance. Here is what you should know when initiating the designing process.

The Fundamental Elements of Brand Identity

Designing the brand identity entails multiple elements that help your business communicate with potential customers in a visual way. Here are some indispensable elements you should definitely brainstorming with your designer:

  • Logo,
  • Colors and complementary colors,
  • Typography,
  • Photoghraphy and video,
  • Iconography,
  • Web design.

The quality brand design means you will incorporate it in all mediums and channels you use to promote your brand. Whether it is about leaflets, catalogs, websites, or social media, the brand design should look consistent. So, the customers could easily identify it once they notice it among the thousands of other brands.

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity?

The very first step of creating a strong brand identity to have a brand strategy. The brand strategy should be based on your goals and the impression you want to reach when addressing your customers. The brand strategy should entail and match your businesses:

  • Mission, vision, values, purpose – in short, the core principles of your business,
  • Brand voice, tag lines, value propositions, brand messaging,
  • Logo, colors, typography that describe your visual brand identity.

Having a brand identity set in this way will help you communicate your selling message easier, and as we have already mentioned, it will help you differentiate your business and product from the competition.

Know Your Competitors Brand Massages

If you want your brand to be unique, then you should definitely know how your competitors manage their brand messaging and addressing the clients, so you would not do it the same way. Analyzing your competitors this way will also help you to define their advantages and disadvantages, missed opportunities, and reveal the gap you could fulfill with your products.

Choose the Right Color Scheme for the Product Branding

But let’s get back to visual addressing and brand messaging. Analyzing the colors your competitors choose may help you differentiate yours. For example, if you take a closer look at the giants such as Netflix or Youtube, you’ll notice that they have chosen almost the same color scheme. However, the channels they operate are pretty different, so this still doesn’t provide a problem to their users to distinguish them. But when it comes to the markets and products, the situation becomes quite different.

Believe it or not, colors are the most decisive factor when it comes to purchases. Even 92.6% of consumers stated that the color scheme of the product can influence their decision to purchase it, which proves how important is the choice of brand colors. And when it comes to the product package design, 67% of participants in a recent study have said that the first impression dominates their purchasing process, which comes from colors. Knowing these facts, it becomes obvious why color branding is so important for your company, so make sure to brainstorm on it pretty seriously when deciding the color scheme.

Let Your Logo Be Simple but Effective

Another element of your brand identity that will help your company and its products be recognizable is the logo. Make sure to pay special attention when creating it. The first rule is to hire a professional designer. One that will tackle the creation of your logo and give you a few possible solutions before you pick one. Your logo should be a visual presentation of your company’s mission, vision, and business field, so make sure your designer understands your values so you could get the best version of your logotype. Also, have in mind that you won’t change the logo, except you decide to re-brand your company, and make sure to choose the one that really speaks in favor of your brand.

Make Sure that Your Website and Other Promo Materials Are Designed Using Same Color Schemes and Typography

The best way to keep your brand design consistent is by using the same color scheme in your web design, promo materials design, as well as visuals for social media networks. Also, using the same typography everywhere will be of tremendous help for your customers to recognize your brand easier. When it comes to typography, just make sure to choose a simple font. Because it will be easily readable, and there is no chance you’ll make a mistake.

Branding the Working Area Using Same Colors Is a Must-Do

Matching your working space with the brand colors is definitely a good decision. It will inspire your customers, clients, and partners, to experience your company’s brand as a whole. For that reason, hiring a professional interior designer who will advise you on how to use the brand’s colors in the most effective ways is one of the best ways to be completely sure you’ve done a good job. However, when organizing this whole process of the interior design of your office, just make sure to schedule house painters in Sydney way in advance, since finding trustworthy, experienced, and professional painters in Sydney is very hard to do due to high demand.

Ready to Build an Effective and Impactful Brand Strategy?

Now when you know all the effects color schemes, typography, logos, and the brand identity overall can cause, we are sure you’ll pay serious attention to your company’s brand and start using all the advantages of it. Not only the branding can help your company’s product to differentiate in the market, but this can also affect the purchase decision of your customers. So, if you want to make your brand recognizable and increase your sales, then having a great branding of your company is a must-do.

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