Small Business Ideas for Starting your Business

Small business ideas are a concern for most aspiring entrepreneurs these days. How to make money without investing a lot of money? Consider the most popular small business ideas in recent years.

Cakes to order

Original designer cakes for the holidays are always more expensive than store ones. There is an opportunity to choose the design and filling yourself, decorate with an inscription with the name of your beloved baby or spouse. This idea of small business has been very relevant lately. There are plenty of orders for such products. This is really important for this business that you get a transparent business card made right away as customers want it. The cost of one kilogram of cake is a little more than $9, and you will already sell the finished product at $30. The difference is obvious.

Vending machines

Each of us wants to have a drink or a snack during the day. The demand for a cup of hot coffee and sandwiches is great. Often we don’t have time and extra money to have a meal in a cafe, so many people use the services of sleeping machines.

Buy some vending machines. Install them in places with a lot of traffic: at train stations, in shopping centers, near universities. This type of small business pays off quickly enough.


The idea of a small business in this area is suitable for people with the necessary education and the ability to educate others. It does not require absolutely any investments, except for your enthusiasm and self-promotion in order to attract more pupils and students. 

You can teach anything: foreign languages, mathematics, drawing and more. You can teach both at home and at the client’s apartment. You can recruit a group of students, which will increase your profits and save time.
It should be noted that this service is not in demand in the summer. But during the school year, you can make good money.

Breeding thoroughbred cats.

The cat does not take up much space in your apartment. And the demand for rare thoroughbred individuals is very high. Cats bring offspring several times a year; they can be brought to a kennel for breeding. This type of small business is becoming increasingly popular, as sometimes the price for one kitten is $ 1,000 or more (depending on the breed). Of course, you will have to look after kittens the first time. Breeding thoroughbred cats is not so easy. But the profit received from the sale of kittens will pay back your efforts with interest.

Ice cream sale

Not only kids, but also adults love ice cream. The idea of ??small business in this area will be very relevant in the summer. But the rest of the time, this type of earnings will bring income if you rent the right place in a large shopping center or a children’s game club. You will have to work hard:

– To buy a showcase and the necessary equipment (cash register, spoons, scales);
– Agree on regular deliveries of soft ice cream and cups for it;
– Advertise your product;
– Find a seller for your point;

Printing Services

Services such as a photocopy of documents, printing photos, printing online business cards, flashing diploma papers are always in demand. If you rent the right place, for example, at a university or college, then your small business will bring a good income. You need to find a place where you will have a regular flow of customers. The investment for this small business idea is minimal. You need to buy a high-quality multifunction device (printer, scanner, copier) and original paper for it. Well, good advertising will not hurt your business.

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