Smarter Ways To Save Space In Small Kitchens

Space saving ideas for small kitchens – A small kitchen is no longer a cause for concern these days. Thanks to clever storage and design ideas, small kitchen space can be utilized efficiently with minimal hassle.

Small Kitchens Ideas
Small Kitchen Ideas

A small kitchen space may not necessarily mean compromising your design goals. There are plenty of ways to work around a small kitchen space and still achieve a balance between form and functionality. Here are some ideas that you will find useful and nifty in a small kitchen space.

Larger Sinks

Small kitchens often don’t have a dedicated space for the dishwasher. In this case, it is wise to opt for a large pan. A double sink mounted atop quartz worktops will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also improve functionality by allowing you to store dirty plates and prep kits out of sight and thus, minimize worktop clutter.

Vertical Pot Racks

A pot rack is an essential kitchen accessory to keep all your cooking pots in order. If there is limited space atop the worktop, you can opt for ceiling pot racks or better yet, wall mounted pot racks to arrange your utensils without cluttering the worktop surface. A DIY project, in this case, involves fitting a pegboard to the backsplash and using the same as a pot rack wall.

Expandable Shelves

Expandable shelves are all the rage in small kitchens these days. They fit into existing kitchen cabinets; these shelves can work great in cabinets, which have a lot of roof space. They can quickly transform a simple two-shelf assembly into a four-shelf cabinet, giving you more space to store essential items. They come in several colours and blend in seamlessly with the existing kitchen décor, including your Neolith Estatuario worktop. They are sturdy as well and can remain hidden inside the cabinets when not needed.

Rack Stands

If you prefer to keep your spices close by while cooking, you can use a vertical rack stand that can accommodate all of your spices and condiments with ease. These racks come with airtight glass jars in sets of 6, 12 or 18 depending on the size you require. In most cases, the jars come with printed labels, making it easier for you to identify the ingredients. These stands will be of great use in a small kitchen, which has limited worktop or cabinet space.

Space Saver Wine Racks

There are many ways you can incorporate a wine rack into a small kitchen without cluttering the latter. For instance, a vertical honeycomb-shaped wine rack can be placed at one corner of a white quartz worktop to display your taste. While a wineglass rack fixed on the roof of the cabinet underneath can be utilized for keeping your wine glasses tucked away until needed.

Fold-Down Desks/Tables

These are great space savers and can easily be folded down when needed and tucked away afterwards. For instance, a folding table can be designed to fold down to connect with an existing Neolith Estatuario countertop to extend worktop space. Or a desk/table can be arranged to fold down to create a makeshift dining table for guests.

If you prefer to keep furniture tucked away from sight unless needed, consider using furniture items, which can be hidden from view under tables or kitchen islands. Some examples include backless chairs or stools that can be pushed underneath the island or dining tables and roll-out kitchen tables or cabinets.

Multifunctional Cooking Utensils

Since you will be working in a limited space, it is practical to limit the use of too many utensils, which would look unsightly when stacked one over the other.

A better option would be to use multifunctional cooking utensils that can be used for more than one type of cooking. For instance, using pots that can be placed in the microwave and atop a stove can free up cabinet space. Making use of multi-piece cooking sets can also work great for small kitchens with limited rack space to store utensils. For instance, using a cooking set that incorporates a steamer, fryer, cooking pot, etc. can help you get more work in less time. It can also help you store these cooking sets easily without worrying about cluttering your Neolith Estatuario worktop.

Under-Sink Storage Units

Working in a small kitchen means you need to make use of any and every space that you get. It also means you need to use the area beneath the kitchen sink. An expandable rack placed beneath the sink can be used to store cleaned utilities within arm’s reach. Attaching a pull-out bin to the inner side of the cabinet door can also serve the purpose of a dustbin with ease.

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