Ten Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Solo travel tips for female – Traveling in any form is a super fun and valuable experience, but traveling alone has a weight to it that can’t be replicated. So, if you have the chance to hit the road solo, make sure to take it! However, solo travel can be a little stressful and confusing, so here are a few essential tips that will help any woman have a safe and smooth solo trip.

Solo travel - Ten Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Research your destination

Solo travel - Research your destination

Do your homework on the destination and pay special attention to safety. Check to see if men are respectful towards women, got acquainted with typical tourist scams of the place and mark all unsafe parts of the country and the city you’re staying in.

Book in advance

What are you going to do if you land to your destination in the middle of the night and you don’t know where to stay? That can be very tricky, so make sure to book all the important things in advance like rides and accommodation.

Travel during the day

No matter where you go, it’s a fact that more incidents happen at night, so make sure to try and limit your travels after the sunset. If you need to hit the road at night, use your personal vehicle or trusted transportation.

Blend in

Blend in

If you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention, it’s best to dress modestly and take inspiration from local women. Outfits that scream “tourist” are best to be avoided—these can single you out as a possible easy target.

Hire a car

If you’re a solo traveler that doesn’t answer to anyone, why not take this experience up a notch and rent a car, so you can truly be free? If you’re traveling to places like Australia which is vast, a car will come in very handy during city hopping and also give you a sense of privacy while on the road.

Hire a car

Plus, these are available since the moment you land—just check out affordable car rental at Auckland airport. You can grab your vehicle as soon as you land and have comfortable, practical and reliable companion on your travels.

Pack light

If you want to save your sanity, time and money when traveling alone, pack light. There are great tricks that will allow you to pack well like packing cubes for clothes and accessories. You can also concentrate on grabbing multi-duty items. For instance, a big scarf can be used as a head covering, a pillow and even as a blanket.  

Be smart with your possessions

Most tourist today travel with a smartphone, table and a camera, all of which are attractive to thieves. So, keep these safely stored and avoid flashing them around. It’s also smart to keep these at hand, together with important documents (visa, wallet and passport).

Learn a few phrases in the local language

Learn a few phrases in the local language

Being unable to communicate with locals will put you at a disadvantage in various situations, so make sure to learn a few useful phrases (basic needs, greetings, asking for help) and keep a pocket dictionary with you. Knowing a few phrases will not only be useful in everyday situations, but it will often get you more respect and prevent you from getting ripped off.

Stay in touch

If you let people at home know where you are, that’s a great safety blanket. Sure, there’s nothing much your family and friends at home can do for you in an emergency, but if you keep them informed and leave many social media breadcrumbs, it will help rescuers know where to search for you. It will also ensure your loved ones that you’re happy and safe on your trip. As you meet other travelers, you can become friends on Facebook and Instagram and keep in touch. If you love to make new friends, this will allow you to stay in touch and maybe see each other again on your adventures.

Fake it till you make it

Rare are people who are born with solo travel confidence. This is usually something that comes with time and experience, so expect every next trip to be easier and more comfortable.

Fake it till you make it

If you try to look confident and walk like you know where you’re headed, you will eventually develop confidence. If you feel scared, use your common sense and seek help.

Traveling solo is one of the most liberating and empowering moments for women, so make sure to experience it at least once in your life. Once you taste freedom, you’ll definitely want to repeat your solo trip!

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