Shocking news Sports journalist Rebecca Wilson dies

Legendary columnist, broadcaster and journalist, Rebecca Wilson has recently passed away. She was a highly praised award winning journalist associated with The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph.

Rebecca Wilson dies

Her columns were also printed regularly in the Herald Sun. Journalist Rebecca Wilson lost a very lengthy battle with cancer and succumbed to the disease.

Her husband, John Hartigan and sons Will and Tom confirmed that Rebecca Wilson dead. They stated that their beloved ‘Bec’ had lost her battle with cancer. They further added that Rebecca Wilson died in a peaceful manner in their family home in Sydney. At the time of death, she was surrounded by her family and loved ones.

The statement added that Wilson was always a courageous person and it also showed in her battle with the disease. She had kept the illness a secret. That is why most of her friends and colleagues – and even members of her family did not know the extent of the disease that had plagued her. She had done it in order to save her loved ones from suffering with her.

The 54 year old Rebecca Wilson was a fearless journalist. She would give no heed to trolling, bullying and even organized criminals who would try to tarnish her work. She had proved that sports journalism wasn’t the turf of males only.

Famous broadcaster, Alan Jones broke down when he was stating that Rebecca Wilson had died. She was a good friend of Jones and regularly appeared on his morning show. Jones related that he used to visit his friend daily and told her how brilliant she had been at sports journalism.

Alan Jones further stated that Rebecca was a force of nature. She was an unyielding journalist. It was obvious that Alan Jones was completely shaken by the loss.

The executive chairman of the News Corp Australia stated that Rebecca was one of his country’s most reliable and respected journalists who were passionate about her work and utterly fearless. She would tell every news at it was. She would never give up in the face of difficulties.

Karl Stefanovic, the host of Today show also paid his tribute to Rebecca Wilson on the breakfast show. He recognized the great loss that had befallen sports journalism with Wilson’s death.

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