Why You Must Start Using Instagram Stories Today!

500 million people now use Instagram stories (along with brands) – well this figure is enough to define the impact of ‘stories’ in the current world.

It is probably one of those features of Instagram whose introduction created a storm in the digital world. If you know how to guide this storm in the right direction, it can generate unbelievable results for your brand.

Instagram stories propel a sense of urgency in your audience because they are only there for 24 hours. It is probably the best way to make big announcements, sneak peeks, or other big news.

Need Convincing for Why you must Start using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Interaction with your audience

The primary goal of being on any social media is to be social, which is either interacting with your existing audience or discovering a new audience. Instagram stories help you do both.

What I mean to say is, stories not only allow you to interact with your audience for a span of 24 hours but also make you discoverable for the people who aren’t following you. Thus, if you are successful in creating an impression, the prospects will hit the follow button.

For that, your stories must be aesthetic, delivering a significant message to your audience. Plus, as you grow and gather around 10k or more followers, you will also unlock a feature where you can add swipe up links to your stories, which will make the process to your end goal (conversions) lot easier and better.

Emphasize on repurposing content

Stats reveal that almost every marketer reuse content from 2-5 times. Why? Because it strengthens your brand’s reputation and drives your audience to the final stage of the sales funnel.

Plus, it’s you can make use of one piece of content multiple times – which saves you a lot of money. If you have a piece of content that was extremely successful on other social media platforms, you can recreate it and post it in your stories. This will help you gauge additional views on your content and will enable you to tell your brand stories through them.

You are more visible than ever

To grow on Instagram, you must aim to stay in the eyes of your audience or in simple words, maintain visibility. This is when they will repeatedly check your profile, stay loyal, and most importantly not replace you with a fresher (who is more active) in the industry.

That being said, the ones who follow you, your stories appear on the top of their feeds as a colorful red ring indicating a new update. When you keep updating stories regularly, your audience gets into the habit of seeing you everyday. This will help you thrive in this hardcore competitive world.

Increase your profile views



When you consistently post stories, the number of views on your stories also keeps rising day by day. But that’s not it, compelling stories encourage the reader to visit your profile which in turn boosts your profile views. That is how it works.

For instance, as we discussed above Instagram stories make you discoverable to a new audience. So, now let’s assume you are a fashion influencer and you upload a picture flaunting a hot-red slit gown on a Saturday party and promote it as a story – the girls who wish to copy the look will visit your profile to catch on the deets. And the ones who find information reliable and accessible – will hit the follow button!

Stay transparent

To build a great business, the idea should be to bond with your audience and this is only possible when you encourage transparency in your organization. Instagram stories can successfully help you enable this, provided you know how to use it.

Stories present you with a great opportunity to show how the behind the scenes, or actually tell stories about them. You can also capture everyday moments, click a sneak-peek during a break; click a picture of your entire team, and post. All of this is impossible on your main feed because that stays forever. Create amazing Insta stories to stay on top of your audience interests.

Wrapping up!

Instagram has always been about how you can visually attract your audience. Now with the introduction of Instagram stories, it’s a lot easier. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

But remember, it is not just about posting stories, it is more about what you post and how you post. Posting regularly doesn’t mean your posts will gradually lose the charm. They need to be equally attractive and aesthetic. Don’t compromise on quality, come what may.

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