Sundar Pichai becomes Google’s new Head

Wherever there is a problem everyone’s tries to reach Google for help and assistance. With this in mind Google has advanced his setup with past few years and has been expanding still massively. Now Google is making its own parent company going to be known as Alphabet. With this company introducing to the market a lot of changes will be and are happening in the Google boardroom.

Sundar Pichai becomes Google’s new Head

With the modification in the management the new hierarchy comes as Larry Page is now chief executive of Alphabet. Sergey Brin is going to be its president. The most interesting facts are, moving up very fast in the ladder is the Sundar Pichai who’s going to be in charge of Google just at the age of 43.

This is a big turn of events and is surely wonderful news for Pichai, and also good news too for India. After getting his promotion, it makes him the most recent Indian to get an extremely prominent job of the US technology business. Before that Microsoft’s Satya Nadella is the prominent example.

Looking at the Pichai’s life story you definitely see the story of success by remarkable effort. He rises to the top of Google is definitely a shining commendation of India’s stand-up in the global technology industry and similarly a comforting cue for the supposed American Dream. Looking at his history, Pichai was born and educated in Chennai, India. He was a dominating cricket player and led his school’s cricket team to win district competitions.

The main course of journey lifts when he got admission in Metallurgical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. One of his favorite teacher quoted in the Times of India that Pichai was the brightest of his batch.

He has obviously used his aptitude for maximum level at Google as he joined the company in 2004. In his department and you can say under his watch the products mostly prepared were Google’s web browser, Chrome and most importantly Android mobile operating system. At Google Pichai is defined as soft and sophisticated who is liked by everyone. He is also very prevalent among designers.

It is clearly seen that Larry Page and Sergey Brin were stopped from Google’s daily running for some time but the announcement is made today and is simply making it official that Piachi is in charge. It seemed that his responsibilities are best revolving around Google’s core products.

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