The advantages of having GoDaddy

Advantages of GoDaddy – It is no surprise about 72% of consumers preferring to communicate with businesses via email.

They no longer wish to pick up the phone. Customers can connect directly with businesses in a few keystrokes. Today’s customers have the lowest patience span.

advantages of godaddy

The same goes for businesses too. What they do (instead of a phone call) is that they open their emails and send a quick message.

However, there is an option for businesses. Which email addresses are they giving to their customers shows whether they are professional or not?

How often do businesses give a professional email address? Let us think about it.

Businesses emailing customers using IDs such as [email protected],  or [email protected] can raise questions.

It also raises the question about these email addresses being professional email addresses or not.

This also questions the level of credibility. It also hurts the customer perception of the company or not.

Hence, the business needs a professional email address tailored specifically for businesses. This is where GoDaddy webmail becomes a blessing.

Benefits of using GoDaddy.

Here are the main benefits for businesses using GoDaddy webmail:

  • The business is sober in its efforts by having its own website & email.
  • Customers are more than likely to remember the domain name and email address.
  • They are not advertising for another company.
  • It gives the business’s email marketing campaigns a legitimate look.

Now let us have a closer look at all of this in detail.

The business looks and sounds sincere

Anyone today can own a business easily ranging from children to senior citizens. They can be selling anything in a wide range of goods and services.

It is because there are fewer barriers to entry in starting a business. 

Obviously business owners need capital (money) to buy a premium customized domain name for their email account.

There are also many new, industry-specific domain extensions in the market. They give businesses different domain options on friendly price packages.

There is also a presence of free tools too. They help create a business’s digital presence.

Taking into consideration the ease of starting a business,  it is important for businesses to establish credibility with their customers.

If businesses use an email address, like [email protected] then they have no credibility.

If businesses want prospective customers to take them seriously, they need to set up a professional email for businesses.

Customers are more likely to remember a professional email address the business uses

Customers visiting the business’s domain name must check for the email address they are using. It should be on the same domain as their website.

Customers should save business emails such as [email protected]. A generic email is always troublesome.

Customers can only remember business’s emails if the domain is professional. A generic domain does not help customers remember the business’s name.

It also means that the business is making strong brand resonance.

Businesses do not advertise for another company through their email domain

The game with all the marketing correspondence is to be on the top of the customer’s mind.

When customers need to have a product or service, the email domain helps them recall both the business and the brand.

Using a generic email with or a domain means the business is advertising for those companies.

This does not help customers in recalling the business’s name with ease. Generic email domain names are not very helpful for businesses.

Using the proper email domain helps customers recall the business without much thinking.

Using the proper business domain can help businesses reclaim valuable advertising revenue with their own professional email for business.

It gives makes email marketing campaigns more real

A business starts using an email marketing campaign does not want the emails to land in the spam or junk folders.

this usually happens when the email contacts probably don’t see or read that email. This depends mostly on the domain used.

Businesses can authenticate the email campaign using DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). this helps emails avoid the spam folder.

Authentication is critical to the delivery of the business’s email marketing campaign. Businesses are provided an identifier helping track emails sent.

DKIM based authentication shows the business’s legitimacy to the subscriber’s internet service provider. This also prevents the email from landing in the spam folder.

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