The Top 12 Social Media Sites You Should Use in 2023

Social Media Sites

Today, social networks have become one of the largest communication platforms in the world; in this report, we try to introduce famous and superior social networks. As a social being, man always seeks to use technologies by which he can communicate with others, and social networks are the best platform for this. Let’s look at people’s situation and lifestyle changes during the last decade. We will realize that social networks have become an inseparable part of our life and have had tremendous effects on our lifestyles. Sometimes we see that many people have turned to market activities in this field and become very successful people. In this report, we try to introduce famous and superior practical social media sites.

Many applications and sites have been produced and made available to people, but many of them have failed, and on the other hand, many of these social networks have achieved incredible success and have become so popular that most people in the world, at least for They have heard their name once.


When they hear the word “Twitter,” the first question that comes to mind is,” Why is Twitter so toxic?“. Twitter is a popular website in the world, where many users are actively involved. Twitter was first made available to the public in 2006 and has gained immense popularity in a short period of time.

Twitter’s main focus is on text messages, which are called tweets. In fact, because it is not possible to create entertainment in it, the people who are active in it only participate in important activities.

You expose your opinions and ideas to others every time you tweet, and your contacts can also retweet your message. The various discussions on this social network are always interesting, and you can discuss and exchange opinions for hours.

Also, Twitter is a platform that allows users to stay on top of trending topics and participate in everyday and relevant conversations.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media sites for professionals and is very popular with B2B audiences. This platform has grown rapidly over the years. Members can expand their professional connections on the platform, showcase their portfolios, and search and apply for jobs. LinkedIn is also a great platform to share your professional expertise, as it allows members to post posts. Publish their work and activities. The LinkedIn app will be one of the best options available. A service with a long history, which was launched as a website in 2003, and after three years, in 2006, it reached 20 million hits.

But this was not the end of the work, and after many years have passed since the start of this social network, LinkedIn is still considered one of the most popular economic platforms and has many contacts. In this application, you can get the latest business and economic news and promote your business by introducing your job to others. You can also look for different jobs and activities as a customer.

If you are serious about LinkedIn, I suggest you update your personal page daily and always keep your contacts informed about your activities. Always be in touch with people who are active in your field of work, and spend a little patience to see the fruits of using this social network in your business.


It is a messaging application that allows users to share text messages, images, voice memos, audio files, documents, and videos. This platform has grown exponentially over the years. It has grown and has about 2 billion monthly users since March 2020. In addition to the growing user base, the platform has also introduced many new features to make user interaction easier. While users could only make one-to-one calls before, it now has a phone call feature. They also introduced a WhatsApp Status feature that allowed users to update their status (stories) with photos, videos, and text that would disappear after 24 hours. In 2019, the number of active WhatsApp users reached about 500 million daily active users.

With the change in WhatsApp’s security policies, many contacts of this messenger have moved to other applications, and a clear example of that is the signal application. Due to the decrease in security and compromised privacy in WhatsApp, many people around the world have completely stopped using this messenger. But you should consider that despite such problems, WhatsApp is still considered one of the most popular social networks in the world, and its presence in this list is not without merit.

In WhatsApp, you can chat with your friends like other messengers and connect with many people by creating groups. Use different emojis and stickers and make a video or video call with your friends. The speed of WhatsApp is very satisfactory, and you will not see problems such as slowness or interruption of video during video calls. Suppose you are particular about security and privacy. In that case, this messenger is not for you, but if you are looking for a fast application with a simple user interface, WhatsApp is one of the best options for you.


Facebook is currently the largest social media site in the world. With 2.6 billion monthly active users by 2020, it’s safe to say that almost every social media user is on Facebook, So it is a great platform for brands and stores to expose their products to a huge audience. Users can share text posts, links, images, and videos with their Facebook friends. They can follow famous people and pages and react to people’s posts on this social network. Brands can also promote their products using paid ads on Facebook.

You can’t deny the excellent features of Facebook, and I suggest you use it even to create diversity and get to know more about its different parts.


Instagram is another virtual network that will surprise you with its many features and capabilities. In the world, and especially in our country, Instagram is considered one of the main social networks among people, and many people are addicted to it and spend many hours browsing it.

The core of this application is sharing images and videos, and you can communicate with other people through this. There are other features like Story or IGTV on Instagram, each of which has its own charms, and you can use any of them without restrictions. Use the various photo filters available in this application and take beautiful photos of yourself. Chat with your friends and communicate with each other by video calling. You can even make live videos of yourself and talk to your followers with the LIVE feature.

Also, Instagram is one of the fastest operating systems of social networks. While this network is mostly app-based, users can access their page through the website. In June 2018, it finally reached 1 billion monthly active users. Instagram is a very visual platform where users share videos and images. You can also use story features and live features. It is very popular among the younger generations. According to Statista, about 32% of users are between the ages of 18 and 24, and 33% are active Instagram users between the ages of 25 and 34.


After the security problems in the WhatsApp application became news, many people were looking for an alternative to this application, one of the biggest of which was the Signal Private Messenger application. Even Elon Musk has advised people to use this application, which is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the Signal Private Messenger application.

This application has a very strong security system and is the best option for people who attach great importance to social network security. The encryption system in the Signal Private Messenger application is designed in a two-way way, which guarantees the security of your user account to a large extent.

You can chat with your friends in this application and spend many hours talking with your friends by creating different groups. Free and high-quality voice and video calls are also included in this application, which will bring you a hassle-free experience due to its high speed. So if you are looking for a social network with great speed and very high security, Signal Private Messenger is what you need.


Snapchat is another visual platform in social media that is popular among the younger generation. Users can send snaps to each other and update Statuses 24 hours a day, just like WhatsApp and Instagram. As of 2020, Snapchat has 229 million daily active users.

Various features such as stories, Discover and Memories are at your disposal; using any of them can be fun and attractive. For example, the stories section, which you are also familiar with in the Instagram application, allows you to expose your images or videos to others for 24 hours.

The Discover feature works a lot like stories, although this feature is only available to limited accounts, such as large companies that provide the latest news to the audience. In the Memories section, you can post long-term posts without time limits.

By providing different sections and various filters, the Snapchat application can have a very fun environment for you, and you can spend many hours using this social network. With 82% of users under the age of 34, this network can be a good place for marketers targeting this age group.


It was in 2004 that Reddit, one of the best social media sites, was launched for the first time, and its main purpose was to create a suitable platform for sharing links and news. Later, with the addition of many other features to this social network, Reddit attracted a great audience and became very popular among the audience.

One of the main reasons for Reddit’s popularity is the forums of this social network. Forums allow you to chat and exchange ideas with a large number of people. There are no restrictions on discussions and uploading different photos and videos on Reddit; you will get to know different strata of the world.


A messaging service that is better and more complete than many of its competitors in terms of features and capabilities, and in the real sense, it lacks nothing. You can hardly find anyone who is not familiar with Telegram. Of course, this popularity is not only related to our country and is a global issue. In many countries, Telegram is considered the first and main messenger.

Chatting with friends, making video and video calls, creating a channel, using channels for entertainment or different information, and using bots are only a small part of Telegram’s capabilities, and less messaging provides you with such a large number of different features and capabilities.

Fortunately, there are many proxy channels on Telegram that you can easily connect to a proxy and get rid of IP-changing applications. The speed of these proxies is excellent, and you can browse Telegram without slowing down or disconnecting.


Few people are not familiar with the name YouTube. If you look at the published statistics, you will come across staggering figures showing this virtual network’s incredible popularity. YouTube has more than 2 billion viewers per day; on average, about 5 billion videos are seen daily, which are not small numbers at all.

You can access any video you want on YouTube. Do not be afraid at all and search for the strangest questions and events in your mind, and you will see that hundreds of videos related to that topic have already been uploaded on YouTube. This website’s main focus is video publishing, but due to the progress of other virtual networks, YouTube has also made extensive changes. The biggest of them is the stream feature, which has become very popular among people, especially gamers.

Many so-called YouTubers have managed to become celebrities and earn a good income from being active on the YouTube website. You can easily become known among people with interesting ideas and make quality videos, and YouTube is considered the best platform for creative people.

YouTube is very popular among people; fortunately, more and more users are starting to work on this website daily. A film-based network that has many fans. An entertaining fan is a good excuse for businesses to come and advertise.


Skype is a communication-based social networking platform that is most commonly used for video conferencing. It also provides instant messaging, and you can use it to share text, images, videos, and audio files.

Tik Tok and Club House can be mentioned among the most famous social networks, and the newest ones in 2021 have made a lot of noise.

TIK TOK has created an environment for sharing very short music videos of 3 to 15 seconds with teenage fans aged 12 to 19. These videos are created by users and provide a fun environment.


CLUBHOUSE is a voice-based social network. In fact, it is a radio where people exchange opinions by using its different channels and talking to each other. This network is currently only for the iOS operating system, but it is supposed to be available for Android in the future.

Contrary to the public opinion that the reason for the development of social networks is only their popularity, the main reason is to create a suitable environment for marketing. People use social media to express themselves, discuss their interests, and connect with friends. Meanwhile, marketers usually take advantage of social media to increase their brand awareness and advertising.

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