Three interesting and easy woodworking projects for every hobby craftsman

Woodworking is a productive way to spend your free time. You can learn to use new tools and craft new things, and at the same time, you can gift paraphernalia of handmade goods to your family and friends.

Some of the woodworking projects are indeed easy and useful. To learn the tips and tricks of professional woodworking, you should check out more than one reputed online tutorials. The Eco Weber Woodworking Project + Crafts are one of the many such collections of DIY woodworking projects that you can try. 

A majority of the highly rated and recommended projects come with thorough instructions for completing each project. Here are three of the easiest home-based DIY projects you can try for pleasing your friends and family before the holiday season –

A wooden chopping board

Which kitchen does not need just another wooden chopping board? No matter how many chopping boards you own, they become too scratched up or dirty after a while.

You will need a steel or clear ruler for marking the edges, a waterproof glue, cordless drill, jigsaw, drill bits, orbital sander, miter saw, and safety glasses.

You can build a brand-new wooden board using high-quality engineered wood or real wood, and waterproof glue. You can find the instructions to create this board quite easily since it is a relatively simple project.

A wooden bench for the garden

You can make your very own single-seater or double-seater wooden bench for the cost of scraps!

Following Aldo Leopold’s classic design will give you a finished bench in less than 2 hours. It is the best fancy DIY project for the hobby builder and woodworker.

It is also the most romantic handmade gift for your significant other, irrespective of the occasion. Imagine sipping on a hot cup of tea on an autumn afternoon to watch the sun go down with your partner!

You can finish this particular project within $25. All you will need are two wooden boards and 18 regular screws. Of course, you will need step-by-step instructions, which you can find at a woodwork project archive.

Magazine holders cum storage containers

Simple wooden storage containers are the rage right now! You can never have too many storage options around the house by Jared J Davis.

Turn your unruly tower into well-organized units of information in less than an hour with these wooden magazine holders. You can build sets of four or six stands for one room in less than two hours.

Once you complete building one magazine storage container, you can finish the rest quite fast since the shape, size, and process are identical.

You need to begin with a 2*4 feet sheet of plywood of 0.25-inch thickness and a set of two 6-feet long 1*4s. Use a bandsaw or jigsaw to cut the plywood. You will also need a ruler and marker, drill, and drill bits for building the magazine holders.

Woodworking not only gives your home a much-needed budget-friendly makeover, but it also helps in boosting concentration, patience, and tenacity. It is the perfect hobby for any age, as long as you can handle sawing and sanding safely.

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