Tips for Doing a Better Job Cleaning the Workplace Restroom

Tips for Doing a Better Job Cleaning the Workplace Restroom

Cleaning the toilets and scrubbing the bathroom floors isn’t enjoyable, but it’s a job you must do. Your duties require making the bathroom as clean as possible, which may feel challenging, but you can ensure you clean it well. Use these tips to do a better job cleaning the workplace’s restroom, and bring some sparkle to the porcelain throne.

Start High and End Low

The bathroom has many areas to clean, and you may not know the best place to start when there’s just one big mess. Start with the higher parts of the bathroom, including the walls and sink. These areas are typically easier to clean and remain accessible through the process in case you need water.

Clean the toilets next and start from top to bottom. A surplus of liquid on the toilet seat may dribble down and leave marks on the lower parts of the commode.

However, you’ll eventually wipe these marks up since you’re cleaning the entire toilet. The last portion of your cleaning process should be the floors. Mopping the floor last prevents a challenging cleaning process that avoids slipping while cleaning.

Sweep and mop starting from the furthest point from the door and work your way back toward the exit. Cleaning the restroom is challenging when you have multiple areas to clean. But with an organized system, you can tidy the space easily.

Follow the Smells

Various smells come from the bathroom; although they may not be pleasant, it’s important to consider where they come from. Find the source of the strongest odors to do a better job cleaning the workplace restroom. Employees appreciate a neutral or pleasant-smelling bathroom, and eliminating the foul source will clear the air.

Follow your nose and think of the most common sources of poor smells. Consider sneaky sources of commercial bathroom odors, such as urine in the urinal traps that pool up or clogged floor drains. Eliminate the source for a cleaner bathroom, and spray some air freshener to give the bathroom a new smell opposite to the previous odor.

Clean Deep Into the Cracks

You’ll find plenty of cracks and crevices in the bathroom. The grout lines on the floor and the small corners of the toilet may be difficult to clean, but clearing them of dirt and grime is necessary. These filthy corners may emit odors after some time and stain areas.

Use a sponge or cotton swab to clean them as best you can. Rinse them with a cleanser and water and dry them with a clean cloth.

It’s not a pleasant task to clean the restrooms at your workplace, but when you do, it’s best to do a good job so you won’t work harder next time. Use these tips and some durable rubber gloves to make the room spotless and fresh for the people who need to use it.

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