Top 10 On-demand Home Service Apps in 2024

On demand Home Service Apps

On-demand Home Service Apps development

Visualize a scenario. Imagine that you wake up, eat breakfast, prepare for work, and then leave your unorganized house and smelly dishes. You returned home at night to find a neat, clean, tidy house with well-organized cabinets, dishes, etc. What will be your reaction?

If we had asked you this question several years ago, we would have probably thought that we were crazy. Or there was a magician who performed all of these chores. Thanks to home services mobile app development, it is a common practice.

Over the past few years, app development for on-demand services at home has changed dramatically. Since then, these apps have sprung up, offering services we never thought possible. These apps provide instant service, build trusting relationships with clients, and deliver daily tasks in no time. 

Take inspiration from these leading online apps that provide home services. The apps gaining popularity in small and metro areas have a robust business model and continue to make money. These apps have a great deal in common but offer some unique features. Check them out.

Growth Market Analysis for On-Demand Home Services App

As we live a busy daily life, every person wants help to handle their housework. The revenue is expected to reach USD 935 billion in 2024. These apps are all gaining popularity, and without a doubt, they could be as popular if the apps were developed on maps that included value, fair prices, safety checks, and reliable services.

This brief description of the ten most popular on-demand home services mobile app development in the marketplace will help you understand the unique value that each service provider offers and provide you with a guide to creating your service proposition.

The Top Ten On-Demand Home Service Apps

  1. Thumbtack
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. Urban Company (UrbanClap).
  4. HouseJoy
  5. Zimmber
  6. Mr Right
  7. Family Handyman
  8. Timesaverz
  9. Good Guys Home Service
  10. Handyman


Thumbtack has an exciting model of business. Just say what you need, and it’ll be done. Thumbtack, which has over 1,000 service professionals in its app database, allows users to efficiently find and hire the best people for their projects:

  • The user selects what service they require.
  • List of professionals available for you to check.
  • Get detailed information about your business and cost estimations.
  • Compare service providers, reviews and prices.custom home services mobile app development,

Thumbtack offers a variety of services for the home that will set it apart from its competitors. Thumbtack’s unique home services are different from the usual list:

  • Photographs
  • Web design
  • Pets services
  • On-demand tutors and Lessons
  • Crafts
  • Estate planning
  • Coaches and consultants for personal development
  • Wedding Planning
  • Event Management
  • Home conditioning

It was a new idea.


TaskRabbit’s mantra is to crush your list of tasks. You can hire an expert when and where you need them at an affordable price. TaskRabbit is a leader in the gig economy because of its value proposition. It offers flexibility, affordability, and reliability.

Urban Company (UrbanClap)

UrbanClap, the leading marketplace in India, UAE and Sydney, is also the most significant home service provider. It connects consumers with service providers to help them meet their needs. This app was an inspiration to many. It also attracted investors who bet money on the project.

The founder had the vision and the courage to create this business. He was consumer-focused and data-driven. The founder of UrbanClap, was the first in India to transform service professionals into micro-entrepreneurs and run their businesses.


HouseJoy, a provider of home maintenance services, aims to simplify everyday life by offering home-centric solutions. You can use the app for home renovations, painting, or interior design. You can do it all with the app. HouseJoy offers other services that its peers do not. This app is top-rated for its ease of use, quick bookings, and on-time delivery. It also features certified experts with verified backgrounds and a guarantee of quality services.


The Zimmber app has revolutionized the way that people perform their household tasks. This app provides services from professionals in Home Cleaning, Electrical, Plumbing, AC repairing, Carpentry, Laundry, Pest Control, Salon at Home and Car Spa.

Mr Right

The Mr Right website and apps are a big name in hyperlocal services. They offer a platform for easy use that offers dozens of home services, including plumbing, carpentry, electrical, cleaning, pest control etc. The app provides over 300 home services by verified and reliable professionals. Pricing is upfront, and payment methods are hassle-free.

Family Handyman

Family Handyman has introduced yet another USP: DIY. This app offers professional tips, tricks and ideas to help you with household chores such as pest control, cleaning, painting and washing.


Timesaverz is ranked in the Top 10 list for its service, guaranteed to arrive within two hours. The app also offers referral programs, dedicated customer service, and quality equipment.

Good Guys Home Service

Good Guys Home Services, a new app available in Indiana and Florida, has several attractive features to attract customers from the villages of Florida and Indianapolis. The following are some key takeaways:

  • Experienced technicians with more than five years of experience.
  • Flat Rate Pricing (No Hidden Fees).
  • A warranty covers all work.
  • Goods Guys satisfaction guarantee.
  • We will match you up with the exact technician in every future appointment.


Handyman’s evolution over time reflects that of the market. Its marketing strategy is standardized by offering state-of-the-art services for homes like interiors on demand, moving, counseling, and construction.

Why Should People Invest in Home Services On-Demand Apps?

As time passes, competition is growing in all sectors. This is why investing in the sector makes sense. Three main reasons for investing in this sector are:

  1. On-demand services are characterized by their availability and ease of access. On-demand home services are preferred by many people who use the Internet to meet their needs.
  2. Internet and mobile phone demand is on the rise. The two factors are linked. The demand for online home service apps is increasing.
  3. Urbanization is a trend that has dramatically changed our everyday life. The people are busier now than ever before. Due to their hectic schedule, they need help to fit in household chores. They want to have someone work at their home.

The demand for home services on-demand is increasing. The prices for household services are affordable. You can search your telephone book for any service that suits your needs.

The Advantages of On-Demand Home Services Apps

A company for example has gained massive popularity in the on-demand home service sector. They have revolutionized the industry with their innovative ideas and apps.


Mobile apps weren’t common back then. When we could not get an immediate response if we required any household service, now we can download an app on our smartphone and book any needed services.

Service Quality

Customers can make informed decisions by comparing the services of service providers who are experts in their respective silos and reading customer reviews.

Simple Appointment Scheduling

The app allows users to select a time slot for a particular service. It is then connected to available service providers.

Numerous Payment Models

With mobile apps, payment gateways are available. You can pay for any on-demand home service app today using a debit/credit card, digital wallet, or net banking.

Better Lead Generation

By connecting service providers to a larger audience, On Demand Home Service apps can help them generate more leads.

What to Consider When Developing an On-demand Home Service App

Things that were once a luxury are now a necessity. These apps were launched because of the high incomes and increased work pressure.

Easy Navigation

Custom home services mobile app development for home services should prioritize this factor. No matter how many features and good content the app has, it does not matter. You cannot expect a positive response if your users can’t find you. Understanding how to use your service takes a lot of time and energy. You are likely to lose more customers if you do not. Your app’s navigation should be intuitive. Users can then easily explore your app.

Simple Registration

The registration forms usually take longer for people to complete. They will therefore skip your idea. Make your registration process straightforward in your application. Give users a variety of options for signing up. For example, you can sign them up via their social media account, mail, or other means. It also allows users to recover their passwords if they forget them. These things can make your application more friendly.

Comprehensive Customization

Nothing can stop your success when you promote the app services that are most relevant to users. App features must be customizable. This will allow the user to personalize their preferences and avail services accordingly. Your app will be more accessible.

Push Notification

This feature allows you to send notifications at any time to users about offers, promotions, and app updates. These notifications are delivered without the user having to launch an app. It increases sales and customer engagement.

The Inbuilt Chat Option

Adding a chat feature in your app helped you better understand your client’s needs and concerns. This will help you move toward a customer-centric strategy reflecting your concern for customers. The majority of people would rather cheat than contact customer service. Chat is more convenient than email because you get a quicker response. Chat 24/7 with experienced customer service experts to meet their customers’ needs and increase business. Your clients will return again and again.

Data Security

Hacking mobile apps is a serious problem. It can lead to considerable losses in revenue and damage your reputation. Data security should be the first thing you consider. By implementing the correct security measures, you can control privacy concerns and help your customers to get personalized service. This will boost your brand and help you to improve your reputation.

Simple Payment Methods

It is essential to implement a payment gateway that allows for easy payments. It is more important than security to implement it. This app will help your customers to increase their sales.


Tracking tools can be used to check the performance of the app. It also allows you to keep track of all the activities your users perform. You can use it to improve your app. Information gathered from analytics is used to make essential updates.

Rate and Review Options

The customer can rate and review services to learn more about them, including whether or not they’re good. Feedback is a great way to establish trust between you and your clients. Customers can write and rate reviews and products after using your service. This allows them to express their opinions and also help other users.

Flexible Payments

The platform allows customers to enjoy multiple services. The service provider may also set their working conditions and hours. On-demand platforms offer the most flexible and best services to marketplaces.

Final Words

The scope of on-demand home services is vast. Numerous studies show that our lives are becoming more and more hectic, as well as being increasingly competitive at work. We need services on-demand that allow us to find some time for ourselves. As long as you have unique ideas and are innovative, this customer-centric strategy will continue to grow. They will allow us to find and hire the best home services app development company to provide instant mobile app services.

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