Top 5 Benefits Of Cyber Security Services

The year is 2020, and businesses can no longer rely on basic antivirus software and firewalls to protect their sensitive data. Technology advancements come hand in hand with its challenges, and unfortunately, data breaches are the most commonly faced issues, whether an industry giant or a start-up. 

In this day and age, the Cyber security services provide their Intel to businesses to protect them from cyber-attacks. The following are its benefits-

  • Build client relations

According to the American Express survey, security fears are one of the main reasons for halted online shopping experiences. Almost 40% of customers agree with the notion. In today’s day and age of competing firms and choices, clients may not have the same customer loyalty as they once had. Investors trust firms that give priority to the protection of privacy and personal data — monetary, medical records, and social structures. 

One hack, single mismanagement of customer data, or a single flaw, can be a point of deviation for customers to exit labels, goods, and services. Some clients have no compassion for a cyber attack against a corporation. 

Even if the organization fixes the problem, a low customer stance may be so deeply entrenched that perspective remans permanently distorted. Cyber security indirectly correlates with customer satisfaction, consequently leading to a growing business.  

  • Protection from Business collapses.

If you think data breaches are minor issues among organizations, then you are highly mistaken. 

Although data breaches get resolved in big corporations but hardly ever recovered, the loss for them is like a small dent that can be recovered in the long run. However, this is a top concern for small businesses and start-ups as a single breach could cost up to $3.62 million. 

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There is a huge loss to an organization due to network security, your sensitive data is at risk, but start-ups cannot afford to lose millions of dollars because of a data breach. It is backed by the fact that almost 60% of start-ups and small companies go out of business within six months of being victims of a cyber attack. 

  • Block Fraud Emails

Cyber threats can be blocked from infiltrating your company’s IT systems. This is only possible through effective cybersecurity services. The easiest way for an attacker to target your Business is through fraud emails. Business email compromise (BEC) is a cybercrime wherein the emails are believed to be sent by legitimate CEOs; on the contrary, they are from attackers and hackers.

According to a Public Service Announcement issued by the FBI- BEC as already targeted over 78,000 businesses internationally, this has resulted in a total loss of over $12 billion. In this case, a victim may witness spam email accounts, for instance, james.smith@xyzcompany or jane.greene@xyz_company that may seem authentic to the target. 

Cybersecurity services offer an email filtering system that would eliminate such attacks through email blocking from the spoof accounts and all suspicious email accounts. 

  • They plan ahead

The entire corporate and Business sector is dependent on computers and technology. This only leads to security breaches and challenges every other day. Every cybercriminal is said to be a lot smarter and technologically advanced than most of your employees combined, which is why cybersecurity is essential and proves to be a boon for businesses.

Cybersecurity services have intelligence and insight on the challenges faced by corporations, be it any field. Businesses dealing in sensitive digital data or virtual intellectual properties are the primary targets.

Effective Cybersecurity services not only give solutions to cyber threats but also predict and prevent them from happening. Attackers won’t have access to the official information and data as these services would separate and protect your sensitive data from business and work networks.

  • Protect Corporate Network

Adware is a type of computer malware that floods your system with ads and is very widespread. That being said, each of these ads may potentially have an effect on efficiency and will also cause other viruses to access your device after you have inadvertently clicked on them.

As a corporation, you are likely to have your own website. If your network is compromised, there is a relatively strong risk that your website would be forced to shut down. 

This implies that not only would you lose revenue from missing sales, but you might probably lose investors, as certain viruses would also inflict long-term harm to the entire work network.

As mentioned above, the benefits are not just advantages but also a proof that cybersecurity in this day and age is no longer an option for your Business; it is an integral part of your corporate foundation.

About Author: 

Ayman Totounji is the CEO of Cynexlink. Cynexlink is a Managed IT service provider company which helps small and mid-sized companies by delivering technology solutions like Cybersecurity Services, Managed IT services and cloud computing. As an IT expert, he loves to write and educate people about cybersecurity, cloud computing and other areas related to Information Technology.

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