Top 5 Professional Business Certifications For 2021

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” said John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the US, and a globally recognized dynamic leader. We couldn’t agree more as these lines aptly justify the primacy of lifelong learning in the journey of becoming an impactful leader.

We now live in an ever-changing and unstable business environment where maintaining corporate sustainability is a major challenge for the leaders and business heads. This mandates constant upskilling and reskilling for leaders in accordance with the changing market requirements. And this is where a professional business certification can amp up your knack for strategy-making.


Professional Business Certifications

No matter if you’re a beginner or a business head, enrolling in a business strategy certification can help you get access to the right skills you need for your career advancement and to maximize your potential.

Let’s have a look at the top-notch business certifications that will take your career to the next level.

Best 5 Professional Business Certifications

1. Business Strategy Management Certification by The Strategy Institute (TSI)

Be it a senior working professional or an MBA-graduate who has just started working, the business strategy certification program by TSI can help you in achieving career milestones. From helping professionals understand the latest business strategy knowledge to guiding their way to the domain expertise, TSI takes a 360-degree approach to assess the knowledge of strategic management.

Strategy certification programs by TSI offers complete flexibility much-needed for working professionals as the exams are 100% online. You can learn at your own pace and appear for the certification exam from the comfort of your homes or offices.

Key Features:

ABSP (Associate Business Strategy Professional)

? This program is highly beneficial for entry-level individuals or those who are starting their careers in almost any discipline.
? The strategy is the core aspect of all jobs today. As organizations become flattered in the hierarchy, the know-how of strategizing work and aligning it with organizational goals is a must.
? Learn crucial business strategy knowledge that will help you in building effective strategy frameworks.
? Gain a global understanding of your industry and attain professional excellence.
? Stand out from other candidates with this promising global leadership program.

SBSP (Senior Business Strategy Professional)

? This program is specially designed to prepare working professionals for senior leadership roles in different industries like marketing, finance, accounting, or technology.
? The curriculum focuses on assisting executives in learning the latest technologies involved in the development of business strategies.
? With the help of this professional business certification, attain the decision-making skills and strategic management skills needed to up your knowledge of strategy formulation.

2. Strategic Management Certificate by Harvard Extension School

If you want to lead and contribute to the bigger picture for your organization to accomplish long-term business goals, enrolling in this strategy certification can be highly beneficial for you. Today, organizations seek leaders who are flexible, visionary, and competitive to help their businesses not just survive but thrive. With the help of this program and its vibrant curriculum, you can learn comprehensively about the key principles and objectives of business management.

Key Features:

? From helping you learn how to develop a sustainable business strategy to crisis and marketing management; this course is designed to uplift your career.
? Learn to analyze the social, political, technological, and global aspects of a business environment
? Understand decision-making frameworks and managerial efficiency which plays a major role in the strategy formation of a business
? Learn to evaluate market and industry structure to predict coming challenges and opportunities
? The entire curriculum is broken down into short lectures to help you understand the concept thoroughly

3. Strategic Management Certification By Copenhagen Business School

The business world is going under a disruptive innovation and evolution because of which adaptability towards the new changes is highly required. Technological advancements are transforming the landscape of the strategy formulation of businesses because of which business operations are changing and improving day by day. To stand up to the new challenges and opportunities, you need strategic skills. This course educates you to think like a strategist. If you want to learn strategic management, slide into this course.

Key Features:

? Obtain potential leadership and strategic skills that will help you lead an organization throughout your corporate journey
? Develop an understanding of strategy formulation and implementation
? Gain valuable and advanced tools that will benefit you in creating effective business strategies
? Attain business acumen and broaden your perspective on changing business environments
? Complete the certification within 4 weeks and gain a certification to showcase in your portfolio and upgrade your career.

4. Advanced Strategic Management Certification by IIM Kozhikode

This strategy certification program mainly focuses on your executive and professional development. Learn the art of wise decision making and gain significant strategic and communication skills to advance your career by enrolling in this certification. This course helps in understanding the development of a strategic mindset and effective growth strategies to upscale your existing skills.

Key Features:

? Working professionals and business executives can cultivate their functional expertise and industry knowledge.
? This nine-month certification course is divided into flexible online lessons to help you learn best business practices.
? Individuals who seek leadership and senior roles can enroll in this certification and boost their strategic planning skills.
? It is an immersive learning course that emphasizes the strategic management process in a detailed manner and learns the major factors that drive growth in an organization.

When it comes to imbibing leadership and management skills, which has been a widely debated topic among business heads and executives, there is no one-size-fits-all criterion because each leader has her own distinct and visionary characteristics. So, which certification suits you best?

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