Top 7 Cakes that Will be Most Demandable in Near Future!

Cakes have always been the main source of celebration in every occasion you celebrate. Being the prime delicacy of party, any party is incomplete without this delicious dessert. There are varieties of cakes available, flavor, shape, layers and many more. As it is Christmas and Christmas is the season of cake, pastries, cookies and sweets; you can try out some new and exclusive cake ideas for this occasion.

Top 7 Cakes that Will be Most Demandable in Near Future!

Here are 7 most demandable cakes for any occasion in near future. They are upcoming, but going to be a big hit.

1) Geometrics-Cakes can have varieties of shapes- some are designed by the cake makers; some are customized for the customers. Among all of them, there is a new design that is gradually becoming the trend of this festive season. It is the geometric cakes- cakes made in shapes of geometrical figures. Round and square cakes are common ones but now other cake shapes like star, triangle etc are coming up. Even the 3D cakes are also made with layers. This year on Christmas, follow this new cake trend to celebrate. Not only shapes, you can find geometrical patterns in cream decors as well.

2) Hand-painted-  Hand painted cakes look very much delicate. This is literally not hand painted, but is used materials where painting is a core part. There has been a trend of making designs in geometrical patterns for years, or even floral designs. Small messages of happiness written all over the cake like happy married life, happily ever after, be happy always- are the main hand painted designs for this kid of cake. Usually this cake design is layered because that provides the space to write the messages clearly.

3) Plant based cakes-Some cakes that are trending in new are more of flora and fauna designs. This cake is a perfect gift in occasion for a person who is a nature lover. A plant based cake is a kind of cake where the toppings are with edible plant parts. Or it can be printed in plant based designs. Sometimes, the cake is designed in a way that it reflects the essence of plants all around. These cakes are little rare to find in near shops, but are widely available in online sites. This is one of the most trending cakes in the online shop orders.

4) Mini Pastries-Miniatures have always been a cute thing to have or present in occasions or normal. If everything is trying out with the miniatures, why not cakes! We all love varieties of pastries in occasions when we are looking for some snacks. This time, to add more cuteness quotient to the party as well as to the cake, the trending cake design is miniatures. Mini pastries have been getting orders most- chocolate, lemon tarts, strawberry- these flavors are most favorite ones. You can try this in one of your favorite’s birthday. For getting the best miniatures in the best price, you must order birthday cake online.

5) Foliage- Cakes with floral touch is amazing because anything gets its beauty enhanced whenever they come in contact with floral things. As mentioned before, flora and fauna cakes are of a type. But sometimes, to maintain the subtlety of the cake, just the foliages are used. There are varieties of edible flowers you can find. You can use multiple flower petals or plant foliages to decorate your cake. This is an easy one décor and you can do it at home as well. But this is no doubt a very refreshing one.

6) Gold hoops- This is a completely new trend that is coming. Hoop is a ring with decorative things kept inside. This theme is getting so much popularity because in this cake décor, the neatness of the cake is very much maintained. And no one wants there cake to look clumsy with designs. This theme was previously used, but only for the wedding theme. Now it is growing out of the loop and becoming the latest cake ideas for other occasions as well. You can put the hoop in the middle or at the top.

7) Boho-Above are the trends that we all have seen before, but not is a very common way. But this is an exclusive idea of decorating the cake for occasions. Boho is mainly a design that we is very much familiar with the jewelries or look. One of the primary décor parts of Boho is the drape. SO, this cake décor has a drape that covers the whole cake like a veil from the backside. But there is a limitation- this decor is only possible in the multi-layered cake.

Cakes will always be the first priority in our list while planning for celebrations. Above are the upcoming trends of cakes which are going to be the future hits.

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