Top Innovation Of Clubbing The AR And VR As Mixed Technology

Mixed reality is growing rapidly among industries like in education, health, engineering, etc. It’s nothing but a combining the real-world experiences with people in non-real or virtual situations and still there are lots application are to be used in this technology may be in remote, virtual audiences and forms of augmented reality. Mixed reality is an interesting technology going to be used in various fields for various purposes.

Top Innovation Of Clubbing The AR And VR As Mixed Technology

Attendance via Remotely

If any conference has been scheduled and there is a possibility of controlling it remotely which has been said as virtual attendance is the example of a remote attendance based on mixed reality, where the virtual events are currently trending top in virtual reality. A real-life an example that the school nutrition association hosts a virtual expo hall, where the hall is opened for three months, as the visitors for the first three days during scheduled hours of the event can communicate with vendors.

Simulation-Based Learning

Simulation-based learning is the best way to approach the education system which helps a lot in the teaching side, just we can say that it can reach the next zone as it supports by pres- anting the virtual reality when space is not available. This simulation-based learning can make the user view that he or she has a wide area to gain knowledge. The best example is the Arkansas Razorbacks football team where they have trained them without having space by using the technology of virtual reality called means of simulation-based learning.

Remote Interaction

Interacting group of person at the same place is a more difficult thing to manage as many industries were moving into a burden on handling this kind of task which even can’t worth to get time in a proper manner to adjust, hence to avoid this kind of trouble the remote interaction takes place which helps many business people or any kind of group to control the session via remotely with more visible presence.

Holographic Devices

You may hear about the holographic computer which quiet famous among many industries. The simple mechanism it uses is a sensor with the technology of virtual reality to make visual models. Let me explain with a simple example if you were an interior designer and you want you to show your client about your view of a room in a designer way without any object means the object needed to turn into the visual models by using this technology. So you can simply use the wearable holographic computer to your client who will be more helpful for the interior designer and the client to opt for the pattern for their homes without using more time. 

Heads-up Display                

It is just a technology based on augmented to display the information which is needed by the users to view; it completely depends upon the person work.

Let me take an example that people are researching about something with some data suddenly he wants to clarify with the work he has done by just viewing the data or readings that he has taken by previous session or experiment thus at that time they can use it without any disturbance.

Photo Ops

Photo ops are a kind of technology helps in photography. It generally makes the visual to be more generous as per the person needs without any specific gadgets or things for the appearance. Let me give an example by just photography  if a person needs to take a picture with a hockey dress and he doesn’t have then the photo ops technology comes into contact to make you dressed as a hockey player without any cost of clothes as the technology will play the view as  the  person needed in the display.

Recognition through Gesture

If you have saw the movie called ATOM then it’s easy to understand the gesture recognition. Just relate with the movement of your physical gesture or also relate to the games of the Xbox Kinect or Wii you might be used it. Well, this technology allows your real-life gestures and movements to take place in a virtual game manner. It will be a more interactive situation to play. This can also help in the learning environment with more fun.

Ancient Speakers

It will be a more interesting thing to be known that a group or a person can view the speaker who was not alive but can view in a technical manner with more live and it will also engage you in many aspects of attention to them for many uses whether in means of education in means to know rich personality likes Hitler to be as a speaker in his periods like about his speeches and this experience will engage more about the historic moment which has a more valuable and unique proposition of having a speaker with this virtual reality technology.

Re-imagined Anything

As virtual reality can make you feel in a place that you can’t even go, feel or reach for a certain reason, simultaneously augmented reality can help you to view the graphical overlay on real terrain. Let’s take an example that if you were a team who is touring a place like Singapore at the same period you need to check the time period that overlayed which can bring you more enjoyment at the same time, this can be done by this technology. 


Mixed Reality technology is emerging very fast in real-world experiences, which is going to be used in many aspects of life. Many factors are to be more fun with this both virtual and augmented technology. As it adds more kind of dimension to what you view and feel. This impact can bring more innovative in the electronic sector as well as software industries in means of app development like AR and VR apps, where still the app development companies were working further to get the technology beyond the limit for the use of human in many aspects like education, hardware industries. I hope the above information may help you to get to know many different innovations upon the technology of nixed reality.    

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