Ultimate Shoe Guide: Tips To Choose The Perfect Shoes For Everyday Wear

Picking the perfect shoes that you can wear every single day of the week may seem like a task, only if you don’t understand what you need. Whether you need to wear formals everyday, or if business casuals are your go-to style, this shoe guide has got you covered. When picking men’s shoes, comfort and style need to go hand-in-hand. Your choice of shoes depends on more than just comfort, it depends on your day-to-day activities and foot type. 

3 Foot Types And Shoes That Work Best For Each 

  • Flat Foot 

Motion control shoes that are heavier, and less flexible work best for people with flat feet. Running or walking shoes and/or sneakers are the ideal choice for a flat foot as they help provide the support they need. If you’re leaning toward sandals, pick ones with a back closure for better mid and rear foot support. 

  • High Arched Foot 

The high-arched foot type puts immense pressure and weight on the ball and heel of the foot. Cushioned shoes that accommodate the high arch work best for this foot type. Shoes that are deep and wide, with good shock absorption qualities help keep high arched feet protected from the impact of long, strenuous activities. 

  • Neutral Foot 

This type of foot requires little to no structural support as the weight is equally distributed across the foot. This allows the foot to move and stretch naturally without any external support. Stability shoes are best for this type of feet that offer milder support while walking or running. 

Apart from the foot type and everyday activities, the right size of footwear is the first thing to consider when investing in shoes for men. Your body’s weight rests on your feet all day, so comfort has got to be the first thing to tick off your list. Invest in shoes that make doing almost any activity comfortable. Find shoes with soles that offer ample support to your feet. If you’re buying formal/dress shoes, make sure to get a pair whose soles offer utmost comfort, and do not put excess pressure on your heels or toes.The best way to determine if your shoe is the right fit for you is to check if there’s at least half an inch between the tip of the shoe and the toe for ease of walking. 

4 Commonly Used Shoe Materials 

The next thing on the list of things to consider is the material. Here are the 4 commonly used materials for shoes for men. 

  • Leather 

Known for its flexible and durable properties, leather is one the most commonly used materials to make shoes, especially formal ones. It’s elastic enough so that it can be molded easily but is also resistant to tearing. Plus, it’s not as pocket-friendly as its other counterparts.

  • Textile fabrics 

Fabrics like cotton, rayon, lycra, and polyester are commonly used to make footwear for men. These flexible fabrics can be used to make a variety of different styles, and are breathable so they can help in heat control. 


Used to create price-friendly shoes that still look suave and stylish. Think synthetic leather formal shoes but less resilient. Owing to the material’s quality, shoes made of synthetic materials will need to be replaced often as you will notice signs of wear and tear a lot quicker.

  • Rubber 

Thanks to its anti-slip properties, rubber footwear is ideal for monsoon days. Rubber is also commonly used to create athletic wear shoes due to its slip resistance property. 

6 Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own 

  • Sneakers – Chunky or minimal, sneakers are the most basic shoe style that every man needs to have in his shoe wardrobe 
  • Oxford shoes – This shoe style is restricted to more formal occasions and office wear. Think of these as ideal for all black tie events. 
  • Derby shoes – The semi-formal shoe style that works for both formal and casual wear. It helps break the seriousness of a formal look, and adds refinement to a casual one. 
  • Loafers – This shoe style is supremely versatile making it ideal for any occasion. When wearing chinos and a polo shirt, loafers are the ideal choice. 
  • Boots – They look tough and seem heavier to wear owing to the materials used to make boots. Boots are ideal for more casual looks and are mostly made from leather. 
  • Running shoes – You may think sneakers can double up as running shoes, so think again. This shoe style is specifically designed to support your feet during high intensity activities making them an essential part of your collection.  

To sum it up, there’s more than just comfort and style to consider when buying men shoes. Yoru foot size and type matter to provide optimum support to your feet. Whether you’re running, walking, standing or even sitting, make sure your feet are comfortable by choosing the right size, shape, and stylish men shoes for your feet.


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