Veteran Benefits for Assisted Living

Most veterans actually need to know that depending on which service you use, you can have numerous benefits when it comes to assisted living and caretaking. You’ve done your time in service, and it’s important to know that the options for VA benefits and Medicaid combined can actually cause problems between the two of them when it comes to the rules of assisted living and accommodation. On a positive note though, we’re going to give you some excellent tips so you know how to use your VA benefits when it comes to covering assisted living costs.

You Earned It, You Spend It

When you get a pension from the government in the form of your VA Benefits, this is considered non-taxable income in most applications. However, one thing that remains important – it’s your money. Nobody else can forcefully take it without you approving them. By your hard-earned time in service to achieve this goal, you can literally spend it any way you see fit. Therefore, if you’re wanting to use it for assisted living costs, you simply can. 

It’s when you start bringing in other things like Medicaid into the process that actually complicates things. Medicaid will only pay so much of your assisted living based on your income. The VA itself actually has assisted living and nursing care facilities that are specially designed to help veterans only. Therefore, you may want to look into these options if you ever have to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Will the VA Pay for Assisted Living Itself?

Unfortunately, the Veteran Affairs department won’t actually pay directly for these services. While you may have some things that can be covered, these are generally extra expenses that you may require in order to live in a care facility. You can actually go directly to the VA.GOV website and see this topic first-hand so you can know what exactly they’ll cover when it comes to residential settings and even nursing homes.

Extra Expenses?

There are certain retirement communities as we mentioned earlier, specifically in place to help military only care. Some things that may be covered by the VA. If you’re getting a veteran funeral for example, the regulations allow a non-service connected death to be up to $796 for funeral expenses, and a #796 plot allowance as long as the veteran is not buried at a national cemetery. However, many states will gladly provide a burial and a headstone for a veteran. 

Aside from this, the V.A. may pay for some of the services that you’ll receive while renting at an assisted living center. If you are in sound mind to run your own business or work while you’re there, the V.A. may even be able to help you achieve this. If you’re an elderly veteran, they may even pay for some of the amenities in place, but most importantly, they may still continue to give you your housing allowance and other payments as required.


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