5 Frugal Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

While a bedroom may not be the area of the home that you often display to the world, keeping it elegant is a top priority. Why? Well, because it’s your own shrine, your own corner of solitude and recuperation. As such, anything you can introduce to enhance and implement it makes a huge difference. Moreover, making your bedroom more luxurious sounds like something expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. You have so many elegant, yet inexpensive, options available that you can consider before doing anything drastic. With that in mind, here are five frugal ways to make your bedroom more luxurious.

ways to make your bedroom more luxurious

1.      Crown molding

When it comes to the overall work on your home’s walls, you need to understand that nothing makes as much of an impact as crown molding. Keep in mind, that this is something that you can do on the joints of walls and the ceiling, as well as around windows. While this is relatively simple to do on your own, contacting professional painters might still be a better idea, especially seeing as how this is not a project that you will repeat on a regular basis. While you may have to repaint the room in years to come, the crown molding remains.

2.      New curtains

The next major change you want to introduce is new, heavy curtains. First of all, the bedroom is all about passion and romance and both of these things require privacy. Other than this, adding heavy curtains adds some functionality to the room, seeing as how you will be able to sleep even past the sunrise without any interference from the outside. Lastly, if you decide to set the mood and light some candles in the room, this will be a lot more effective if you were to dim the room with the use of these curtains. All in all, making a bedroom more luxurious is definitely something worth taking into consideration.

3.      A new bed head

Don’t get us wrong, getting a new bed would definitely be a better idea, however, what we’re aiming towards is the maximum effect with minimal investment. Instead of spending a fortune on a luxury bed, why not look for elegant bed heads online. By just installing a new bed head and replacing a mattress, you will, more or less, create the impression of a completely new bedroom. Keep in mind, that you have a wide selection of different bed head materials, shapes and sizes, which is why you have an option to make a brand new theme.

4.      Improve the lighting

Another interesting idea you should consider in order to improve your bedroom is a new lighting system. One curious thought is for you to go with a layered lighting scheme. Why? Well, because this is the most functional option that gives you a wide variety of choices of what to do with your bedroom. This way, you can choose the intensity of light but also the illumination of different sections of your bedroom. In other words, depending on your intentions, you get to choose the right illumination.

5.      Get a nice rug

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the importance of a nice rug. First of all, a rug can somewhat raise a temperature within the room, thus keeping the place warmer and cozier. Second, it can muffle noises caused by footsteps, thus making the room more functional. Think about it, one partner will always get up before another and this helps equalize the matter. Finally, it adds a much-needed hint of luxury into your own home, which might have been exactly what you’ve needed.

In conclusion

The very last thing worth mentioning is the fact that, when making your bedroom more luxurious, you might want to stick to keeping it a single-purpose room. Sure, making a bedroom-office is both convenient and pragmatic but it can diminish the appeal of the room and ruin the impression of luxury that you were trying to make. Also, there’s something sinister of using the same room for work and rest, something that will make your home feel claustrophobic. In other words, a bedroom should be exactly that – a bedroom.

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