10 Best Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

Website designing Tips – Even if your website has huge traffic as well as a high search engine results page rank, if your sales are unimpressive, you may want to reconsider your web design. Most of the people believe that web design is only about making the website look good. web-desiging

While the website’s aesthetics is the main concern for web designers everywhere, obtaining conversion is also crucial. This is why consulting a website designing company in Noida can be helpful.

Apart from that, these tips mentioned below may help as well. 

  1. Keep contact forms short – In your contact forms, do not ask more than the name of the user, email address, contact number, and zip codes. The visitors should not think you are asking for a lot of information, as they do not like filling out lengthy forms.
  2. Make an effective landing page – Your landing page needs to have a strong headline to attract leads and transform them into conversions. the high-quality image that gathers attention would be a nice touch. Also, ensure that your landing page contains all the benefits offered by you in very clear terms.
  3. A hard-to-miss CTA button – A good website designing company in Noida will never place the call-to-action button at a place that is hard to locate. Such buttons must be placed in prominent and intuitive areas. 
  4. Design for easy navigation – A visitor would not like to buy from a website with complex navigation. Intuitive and convenient navigation impresses the users and they are more likely to buy from you. 
  5. Fast loading speed – If your page loads slowly, visitors are drop buying from your website. So, keep the speed fast even when your page has interactive elements and large images.
  6. Include videos – Instead of writing about how to use your product and services, consider including videos demonstrating the same, as they are more interactive. Short videos are more likely to attract users and persuade them to buy from your website. 
  7. Offer free things – Free trials, shipping, and subscriptions are something no one would say no to. No other trick more than freebies for increasing conversions. You can even offer a free sample or product. 
  8. Display your badges – People may not buy from you if they feel your website is a fraud. Many people are apprehensive about buying online because they fear losing money by receiving faulty products. So, display all your awards, security, and trust badges to attest trustworthiness to your website. 
  9. Show customer proof – If you do not have any badges, you can include screenshots and reviews of your customers citing their happiness with your products or services. These will add to the credibility to your website and this is something every good web development company in Noida does.
  10. Make your website mobile-friendly – Almost all of the customers use a smartphone to do online shopping. So, if your website if not mobile-friendly, your conversions would be very less. So, invest in responsive web design. 

Web design and sales are directly related to each other. If the web design of your website is not impressive, intuitive, and easy, your sales may be affected.

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