What are the Easy Ways to Reward Your Employees?

employee reward and recognition programs

Employee reward and recognition programs

In the corporate world, having an employee reward and recognition program is really necessary! This plays a major role in employee engagement that further make your employees feel valued. It also gives your employees a sense of purpose in their work by creating extra energy and commitment. In a way, we can say that employee engagement is also directly tied to their well-being. And we also would agree with the fact that impact is real. By engaging in an employee’s well-being emotionally, financially, physically and work well-being you would encourage them in investing back in the company. 

Trust us, the simple formula for improving your employee engagement is to know how to recognize and reward employees, especially the high-performers of your institution. The whole idea behind doing everything is celebrating your employees for their achievements, and hard work. Also, while doing or planning this, you need to keep in mind that not every employee can be rewarded in the same way! The process will be all about focusing on meaningful employee appreciation. You just can’t hand out cash and call it recognition.

Organising a reward and recognition ceremony

It is always a good idea to express your thanks in public. This would prove to be the best to encourage your employee to perform better! Trust us, sometimes, a simple “thank you” can go a long way and do wonders, especially in a public forum. You can also make it big by organising a reward and recognition ceremony at the end of a fiscal year to celebrate the success of your employees! You can even book one of the corporate event venues in Gurgaon and throw a bash for everyone to celebrate! You can facilitate them in any way you want! 

Keeping it low-key yet meaningful via email

As we have mentioned before, even a simple thank you can have a good impact on your employees, you can organise an all-company meeting or even email blast. This will be a low-key yet meaningful way to make your employees feel recognised. This is a tried and tested way to do it! 

Pro tip: To avoid unleashing a slew of reply-alls Bcc your company alias! 

Surprising them with a hand-written note

We know, we are living in an era of the digitised world where interactions are done via emails and texts. What stands out these days is a simple handwritten note expressing your feelings for the other person. All you need to do is take out a few moments and pen down your thanks on a nice card or even on a colourful piece of paper or sticky note. They can keep it as a token and stick it on their desk which will motivate them every day to put in more effort! 

Offer them some time off

After a successful fiscal year, everyone deserves some time off to unwind before the next season! To get that success, your employees must put in extra hours or weekend time to finish their tasks. To acknowledge it you can reward them by offering them an extra day off. You can even let them take off a few hours early on a Friday to celebrate.

Rewarding them with small gifts

We are not asking you to go over your budget to get gifts or even offer money! You can even go for something thoughtful which could be an inexpensive gift! The best things can be Amazon gift vouchers or coupons for a coffee shop, movie tickets or any souvenirs and so on. They can keep it on their desks to flaunt their recognition! 

Covering their commuting costs

Travelling to work is quite expensive for some people especially those who live remotely. Also, some of the employees also have to pay for parking as well! You can offer them to pay for it for one month by recharging their metro cards or availing them of free parking! This could easily bring a smile to anyone’s face! 

How about offering chair massages?

Nothing can beat the relaxation offered by a good massage! Though individual massages can be expensive, therefore you can offer to hire a masseuse for the day and offer 15-minute chair massages to reward a big group of employees.

Featuring your top performing employees in your company’s monthly newsletter

This is one of the most common ways of giving recognition to the top employees of the company! Every company has a website, blog or monthly newsletter, you can give them 

the recognition they deserve on these channels! This could be a good way to broadcast the way you value your top employees. This could even attract future employees to be a part of your company while motivating the current ones.

Organising a bonding activity to celebrate your employees

There are so many companies that organise some good activities to indulge their employees! You can even plan holidays, and parties, and at the same time recognize the great work done by your employees all year long! This would engage them in the bonding activity and at the same time give your employees a few hours off from work as well. Trust us, all the companies organise such events to offer more than recognition for hard work! This could be a good way to get them together outside work and enjoy the best time with them! 

We hope this helps!

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