What choose men gold chain 9 carats over others?


All around the world men love to wear gold chains of different types. Many prefer to wear these gold chains to show their status. Many of the sportspersons love to wear gold chains. Men gold chain 9 carats is mostly used by many ones. It is not very heavy but looks stylish at the same time. it is very important to have proper know-how of carats to buy the gold chains. A carat shows, how much pure gold is used in the chain or any other jewelry.

Men gold chain 9 carats

It is not possible to make a gold chain with 100 percent pure gold. The reason is that it is very soft. So, the professional mix it with a specific amount of copper and silver, to make it hard and durable.

Gold chains history

The trend of wearing gold chains by men is very old. In the past, mostly kings and others that have a hold-in society used to wear gold chains. It is a sign for the people that the person is powerful. Later as time passes men started to carry these gold chains as a fashion.

How to carry a 9-carat men gold chain?

It is very important to carry a chain in a manner that gives your whole attire a classy and unique look. The size if the 9-carat men gold chain is very reasonable. It is not so big that it looks odd nor so small that it is impossible to see it at first glance. 

  • If you are wearing a button-up shirt, keep the 2 buttons of your shirt open. It will make the chain more visible.
  • If you are carrying a chain with a T-shirt, don’t let it hide inside your shirt.
  • It is also essential to choose a chain style that will suit your face shape.

What length of the gold chain is suitable for men?

It all depends on your taste. You can choose the length according to your liking. You can get the length of the chain according to your liking in 9 carats too.

  • The chain that stays close to your neck is called “choker”. The length of these chains is between 14 to 18 inches.
  • The common length that most of the men like to wear is between 20 to 24 inches. You can the idea of the length in a way that it falls between your shirt 1st and 2nd button.
  • If you want to increase a length more, you can choose the category that falls between 26 to 30 inches. Mostly these types of chains are liked by hip hop stars.

What are the different types of gold chains?

The men 9-carat gold chains came in many different types. Some of the types are as followed

  • Ball gold chains: This type of chain is commonly used by men all around the world. The name mostly used for these chains is “dog tags”. The reason is that ball chains can carry dog tags.
  • Cable gold chains: it is also another commonly used chain by men. You can custom build this chain in any size. You can keep it long or wide. In these chains, a lot of small parts are interlinked with each other to make a chain. You can get different designs for these cables like round, square or oval.
  • Franco gold chains: it is quite a unique design in the men chain. The formation of this chain is V-shaped. The shape is created by interlocking 2 to 4 curbs of the necklace.
  • Figaro gold chain: it is a type of men chain that looks very elegant but durable at the same time. it is made by interlocking many different sizes of ovals together.

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