What is Difference Between LCD And LED Technology?

LCD and LED displays are the most widely used technologies in today’s world. LED technology is one step higher than LCD technology. In order to evaluate the difference between LCD and LED technology, I have managed to shed some light to cover some features of LCD and LED technologies.

What is Difference Between LCD And LED Technology


LCD is a short for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD’s are thin and have squeezed size. LCD’s produce very bright image results which makes it relatively suitable for environments which are brightly alight. The main difference between LCD and LED technology is the difference in their electricity consumption. LCD do not consume much power rather it consumes less than many other display technologies. It has a completely flat screen and have narrow watching angles.

LCD Technology Comparison with LED

There are 3 kinds of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

  • Flat Screen: Flat screen LCD technology is more favored and expensive as it provides more options to the users.
  • Front projection: These LCD’s are normally used in places where presentations are required. It can display image up to 300 inches in size.
  • Rear projection: in this type of LCD image is formed on the back of the screen, from where it comes to the front end. It is only acceptable in large sizes i.e. more than 60 inches in size.  People prefer LED technology over LCD because LCD’s have weak pixels which are substantially on or off. Normal life span of a LCD is 50,000 to 100,000 hours.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED technology has more colors as compared to LCD technology. Typically LED’s which has CCFL’s for the purpose of back-lighting are expensive. But there are the wide range of prices among LED technology. LED’s are very delicate and their sizes are sometimes even less than 1 inch in thickness. LED’s have a life span of approximately 100,000 hours. Another difference between LCD and LED technology is in LED’s the chance of burn out is very rare, on the other hand LCD’s never burn.

LED Technology Comparison with LCD

Based on backlighting technology, LED’s are of three types:

  • Edge LED: The most popular type of led is Edge LED. In this type of LED, manufacturers use a special type of panel which spreads the equal amount of light in the back of screen
  • Dynamic RGB led: In this type of LED, there are few points on the back of screen which are lightened with the help of backlighting technique.
  • Full Array Led: Such LED’s are incompetent to functionalize dimming and backlighting processes.


With all these similarities and differences, the major difference between LCD and LED technology, I think price is the most dominant factor. LED technology no doubt presents best picture for the reason that LCD technology is slowly swapped. LCD’s are preferred because they are affordable. In future when market would be soaked with LED’s, people would prefer to buy LED technology.

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