What is IMSI and Why need IMSI Treatment

What is IMSI and Why need IMSI Treatment

What is IMSI

IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically, is a variation of ICSI. with the help of IMSI, the doctor can pick the best sperm with no deformities and single sperm directly injected into each egg of women to enhance the rates of implantation and pregnancy. The main reason for choosing IMSI is that it helps the doctor to find the best quality sperm which helps in increasing the pregnancy rate and lower the miscarriage rates compared to conventional ICSI. The IMSI is designed to diagnosing the male fertility problem with the help of this procedure the patient’s pregnancy rate increased by 30% to 66%.

Why IMSI Needed

IMSI is best for men with high numbers of abnormal sperm and for a person who is not achieving any success from IVF and ICSI. With the help of digital high-magnification of sperm, the doctor can examine the individual sperm at (6,000x times) magnification to identify the sperm that exhibit abnormalities and it helps a doctor to exclude them used to fertilize the egg. After conforming normal sperms then they are used in fertilization with the help of the ICSI method. Also, IMSI used for IMSI unexplained infertility. As it is proven that with help of IMSI egg fertilization rates become batter, a higher rate of blastocyst formation also women achieve a high success rate after IMSI treatment. One of the most important things which make an IMSI batter is the success rate. The success rate of IMSI is about 70% to 85% which is very high. That way a couple may travel to different countries for successful IMSI fertility treatment.

Who Need IMSI

An IMSI procedure only recommended to a person who is suffering from low sperm count and parson with a high proportion of abnormally shaped sperm. Also while the doctor recommends IMSI after seeing the poor result of ICSI treatments only then the doctor will recommend IMSI treatment for batter results.

Failed ICSI attempts: – IMSI is the common used procedure when ICSI procedure fails only then doctors recommend for IMSI. Especially when it comes to old age couple IMSI procedure is best and as many studies have done over this has founded that IMSI provides a higher rate of pregnancy in older women’s.

The Cost of IMSI

The IMSI best for finding high-quality sperm and injecting it into women’s womb. That is the reason why it is one of the most successful treatment procedures. The IMSI treatment cost varies on the hospital to hospital but the average IMSI cost is 500USD to 1000USD also this cost is not fixed as said that this cost can be affected as depending on your hospital or place where you are taking treatment. This cost can also be affected when you are adding the IMSI process in your regular IVF treatment.

What is the difference between ICSI and IMSI?

One of the main and major differences between IMSI and ICSI has is higher magnification IMSI has 6000x times more magnification then slandered ICSI. That’s why embryologist chooses IMSI because they can easily recognize the tiny defected sperm easily. ICSI is used when you are facing a high level of sperm DNA damage and IMSI is the way to find quality sperm they are both bit different from each other.


IMSI procedure is used when your IVF cycles are not successful or because of overage. IMSI procedure is best for undefined infertility and if you want a high success rate in pregnancy then IMSI is the way to for because is procedure increases the chances of pregnancy. ICSI treatment has its own differences compared IMSI both procedures has its own value in treatment. It depends on your medical condition which treatment procedure is suited to you for achieving pregnancy.

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