What is Jacquard Knit?

The world of knitting is a wild one. You can never put a number to the different types. Most of the time, you are probably wearing a fabric whose knit you have no idea about. For instance, what is jacquard knit? If this did not catch you off guard, you must know the kind of stuff you wear. To the rest of us who have no idea what jacquard knit is, your timing is terrific. In this article, we explore jacquard knitting, telling you what it is, where it is used, and how to tell one from a mile away. We will also throw in a few hints on how to style you jacquard knit fabrics for the best look. 

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Jacquard Knit: What Is It Really?

It is merely single or double knitting carrying a decorative pattern at its front. To achieve this, the artist uses a set of jacquard controls on the machine. This type of knitting can use any yarn to achieve a decorative edge. The most common type and one that you may be wearing even now is the single knit jacquard. The single knit has several “floats” at the backside. “Floats” are chunks of yarns that go over other yarns, but they do not interweave. A good example is satin. You have seen the beauty that satin is, and it all comes from the floating yarns at the back. 


Jacquard Knit Use                                         

Jacquard knit fabrics employ a range of colored loops from different threads to run through the same course. But the biggest credit for beauty and uniqueness goes to the “floats.” It is the ladies’ wear industry that heavily uses jacquard knit fabrics. You will see the knitting on sturdy leggings, tops, cardigans, dresses, skirts, and a lot of other lady stuff. 

Thanks to its thickness, jacquard knit is popularly used to make design jackets, dresses, and tops. If these are your favorite wear, then you also know where the colorful patterns are coming from. 

The Jacquard in Your Closet

You probably have jacquard knit fabric in your closet but never thought about the unique woven material. Start with your socks. Those pairs with elaborate and beautiful patterns are all jacquards. The herringbone and argyle socks all belong to this category. Go ahead and check your sweater collection. The ones with heavy, distinctive patterns are jacquards. You can fondly remember that oft-maligned sweater your aunt gave you for Christmas. It is jacquard also. It does not end there; you matelassé quilts and Swiss polka are all in this group. 

Now you know that you have been wearing jacquard knit fabrics from a long time ago, only that you did not know. 

Make A Bold Fashion Statement With Jacquard Knit Wear This Season

You can wear your jacquard knit fabric either in a refined or ordinary form. Whatever variation you choose, you have something befitting for the holidays and all occasions. It should not be a headache styling your jacquards. If you pick a bold pattern, the rest of your outfit should be neutral. Another trick is building a focal point around the jacquard pattern. Leather jackets and denim jeans also make a great pair with jacquard patterns to achieve a daily edgy look. 

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