What is the IVF Cost in India and is it Affordable

What is the IVF Cost in India and is it Affordable

Before we jump into IVF cost in India it is important to know what is infertility and IVF treatment. 

Infertility is a reproductive system issue which defined as the inability to pregnant. In previous years Infertility issues mainly happen to old couples but nowadays this issue is becoming more common, in a young couple as well. Infertility issue can affect both men and women:

What Causes Infertility in Men and Women

Infertility in Men – Infertility issues can be caused by low sperm count, due to endocrine problems, drugs, radiation, or infection. These are some male infertility factors.

Infertility in Women’s – The main reason for infertility is structural problems in the fallopian tube or uterus, also problems in releasing eggs are one of the important reasons for infertility. Infertility can be caused by blockage of the fallopian tube due to malformations. Mental stress too is an important factor.

What is IVF Treatment 

IVF treatment is also known as test tube baby treatment or fertility treatment. This is a process of fertilizing an egg and combining it with semen outside the women’s body. To do that IVF doctor will be monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process to remove the ovum or ova from the woman’s ovaries. So sperm can fertilize in liquid in a laboratory. Still, IVF is a very complex serious of treatment that needs full medical support from IVF specialist. And if you are an infertility couple then it is very important to choose the best IVF centre in India for IVF treatment so you can achieve a high success rate in IVF treatment.

What is the IVF Cost in India

The IVF cost in India depends on many factors also the type of infertility issue plays a big part in IVF treatment cost. In India IVF cost for one IVF cycle ranges from Rs.90,000 to Rs.2,50,000. Still, this cost is not fixed it can go higher as depending on your infertility factors or depending on what extra IVF treatment your infertility needs for achieving pregnancy. As there are couple who have to spend more than Rs,6,00,000 in IVF treatment.

What Influence the IVF cost in India

As IVF treatment cost is never fixed it changes parson to parson and sometimes depending on centre to centre. The need for extra IVF treatment procedure may increase your chances of pregnancy but it can influence your IVF cost. Still, IVF cost in India is very affordable as compare to other countries. The developed counties may charge you about 00 to ,000 for the same IVF treatment. On the other hand, the IVF cost in India is three times less than what other countries are charging. So visiting India for IVF treatment is certainly the best option for cost-saving.

IVF Cost in India City Wise –  

IVF Cost in Mumbai               Rs. 2, 00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000

IVF cost in Banglore              Rs.1, 60, 000 to Rs. 2, 75, 000

IVF Cost in Chennai               Rs. 1, 45, 000 to Rs. 2, 60, 000

IVF Cost in Kolkata                Rs. 1, 40, 000 to Rs. 2, 60, 000

IVF Cost in Delhi                   Rs. 1,20, 000 to Rs. 2,50,000

IVF Cost in Ahmedabad         Rs.90,000 to Rs.2,50,000

Other IVF Cost Effective Factors

Egg/sperm Donation: – If in IVF treatment you need egg or sperm donor to achieve pregnancy. Then this will increase your cost of IVF treatment.

Surrogate: – If in any case, you need help from surrogate then this will greatly increase your cost. Because generally, you are responsible for all the medical fees associated with your surrogacy.

Embryo Donation: – If you are transferring embryo then it can cost you less than full IVF cycle but if in any case, your IVF treatment fails you still need to pay for embryo donations.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: – ICSI is the factor of an increase in IVF treatment cost. If you have low sperm count and less mobility then you may need ICSI help. In this process, the IVF doctors will directly inject signal sperm into a mature egg. That’s why it may cost you extra.

Testicular Sperm Extraction: –TESE is a surgical sperm retrieval procedure used in fertility treatment for men who have no sperm in their ejaculate. This is a minor process but still, it’s going to cost you.


IVF cost in India is affordable but still, there are other medical factors that can increase your IVF cost. But there are some things you can do to control your infertility by just maintaining the health life routine because a healthy lifestyle can increase your chance of pregnancy.

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