What Services Do a Landscaping Contractor Provides?

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Landscapers maintain landscapes and understand their various types and technicalities. Do you want to upgrade your landscape and want to hire a professional contractor for it?

Nowadays, people tend to go towards hiring a good and top-rated contractor rather than settling for anything subpar. This is because no one wants to take risks and waste their hard-earned money just to save some pennies. There is a big chance that you won’t know the different types of services that a landscaping contractor provides. This is the case with many people, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Here is a list of some of the services a landscaping contractor provides. These services are offered by many, if not all, landscapers, so let us have a look at them.

  1. Landscape Installation

If you want your lawn to look exceptional but don’t know how it will happen, a contractor for landscaping services in Frederick, MD, is what you need. These professional contractors have expert designers on board who will work with you to bring the best out of your lawn. Whether you need a stone pavement, a temporary waterfall, a patio cover, or something else, they will provide the tools and expertise. 

  1. Maintenance Services

Landscape maintenance is the basic service that every landscaping company provides. Because grass, trees, and other shrubs grow every day, your lawn will need maintenance after some time. Therefore, these companies provide these services to help beautify your lawns. If a lawn isn’t maintained, the hard work behind making it beautiful will be lost. General maintenance services include:

  • Thorough Maintenance of Lawn Bed 

Substrate maintenance means maintaining the surface of your soil. This includes removing branches, leaves, and twigs. This also includes litter removal, pruning, restoration of ground cover, and weeding. Maintenance services are important and often requested by lawn owners.

  • Hedging and Pruning 

Pruning and hedging are very important for the health of plants and flowers. Landscaping services in Frederick, MD, ensure that the plants are pruned at the best time of the year. The dead leaves and branches are removed so that the growth of the plants isn’t affected.  

  • Spring Cleaning Services

Since leaves from the trees fall on the ground in autumn, spring requires a clean-up. Lawn mowing and mulching are just a few additional services associated with cleaning. Spring cleaning ensures that your lawn remains in the best shape. 

  • Feeding and Protection

Lawn protection services address protective measures from plant diseases such as fungal growth. These time-consuming services must be done at the most appropriate time of the year. Climate change affects lawns, which is why lawn owners look for lawn care services. If your area gets high humidity, you can call your landscape contractor for additional services to control the humidity around the plants. 

  • Cutting and Mowing

Mowing services include spring mowing, fencing, and blowing. Getting a contract for these services is important as they are not offered by every landscape services provider. You can ask the company providing you with landscape services to see if they offer mowing services.

  1. Installation of the Sprinkler System

Installation of a sprinkler system is probably considered the best investment anyone can have in their lawns. Lawn grass requires water in abundance to keep its natural green color. Though rain can provide the necessary amount of water, not every area receives proper rainfall. Landscaping companies understand the need for a sprinkler system and ensure they provide their customers with the best facility.

  1. Seasonal Flower and Installations

Seasonal flowers emphasize the beauty of the landscape. Along with that, greenery and lights are a must-see during the festive seasons. People hire contractors for landscaping services in Frederick, MD, for such services as they have the right tools and equipment for it. 

  1. Sod Installation

When you move into a new house and find rough grass patches on your lawn, you might need reinstallation of grass. You can hire a professional contractor for landscaping who can eliminate the wait and hectic work of seeding. These professional contractors can provide sod installation, quickly bringing your lawn back to its original beauty.

  1. Concrete Patios and Driveways Installation

If your lawn is missing extravagant patios and driveways, you can look for a landscaping company to get them installed. Private properties need strong and attractive corridors, patios, decks, passages, and driveways made of concrete. No matter how large a driveway needs to be or how big a patio is required by the customer, a professional contractor ensures to provide the best quality services.

The services mentioned above are some of the most common ones all professional landscaping contractors provide. Before hiring a landscaping contractor, make sure to know all the services so you can make a good decision and hire the service that you need. If your area gets high humidity, you can call your landscape contractor for additional services to control the humidity around the plants.

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