What To Do if You Get Sued

You do your best to ensure that you are conscious of the impact you or your company has on those around you. But even the most strict and cautious people occasionally find themselves wrapped up in lawsuits. If someone feels that he or she has been wronged by you, it is important to remain calm. Be sure to not accidentally place any perceived blame upon yourself. Here are five tips for what to do if you get sued.

What To Do if You Get Sued

Seek Legal Counsel

Before doing anything else, you should always try to get a professional legal opinion while being sued. If you wait a while before contacting a lawyer, you run the risk of unintentionally corrupting evidence that may serve you well later. It is a lawyer’s job to have a solid grasp on what the safest legal options are moving forward. And to help you build your case if you get taken to court.

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Many law offices have access to various types of lawyers, attorneys, and court reporters Phoenix and offer free consultations with lawyers so you can meet with an attorney before deciding to hire him or her.

Build Your Case

Once you have hired an attorney to take your case, you can begin building your case. Be as thorough and honest as possible when the attorney questions you. Lies and half-truths can come back to bite you later if the other side realizes you have not been completely honest. Be sure to preserve every document and correspondence from any days that are relevant to the case. This includes emails, sign-in sheets, appointment confirmations, and security camera footage. Make sure that your lawyer is as informed as possible to have the best chance as winning your case of being sued.

Stay Silent

Once you become aware that you are being sued, do not discuss the case with anyone other than your lawyer. Confidentiality is key in the courtroom. If the opposing side comes across something you said in private that seems to contradict you that can be disastrous. If you feel that you need to discuss your case with someone, be sure to ask your lawyer about it first. He or she will be best equipped to decide if it is appropriate and what information you can afford to disclose. Trust what your lawyer recommends.

Try To Settle

Most lawsuits and sued cases do not make it to trial, and even fewer make it through the whole process. Most of the time, both sides reach a settlement that satisfies everyone along the way. Not only does this remove the need to go to court, but it can also result in fewer legal expenses for both sides. Your lawyer will always be looking for settlement opportunities, and he or she will also know how the settlement process usually works. Your lawyer will be the most useful resource at your disposal through the entire legal process, so use him or her whenever you can.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

Being sued and lawsuits take a long time. You cannot expect everything to be over and done within a few weeks, or even a few months. If your case makes it to trial, you can expect to be wrapped up in legal trouble for well over a year. Even settlements, while they do not take as long, can take many months to reach. The American legal system is incredibly thorough in everything it does. It does its best to honor its commitment or liberty and justice for all, but, unfortunately, such a complete process takes a long time.

You can apply these steps to any legal venture you find yourself in, no matter which side you are on. However, when you are the one being sued, it is always more important to be more defensive than offensive. Your goal should be to protect yourself, not to maliciously tear down someone else with frivolous accusations. Keep your sense of true justice about you and your case should turn out the way you want it to.

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