Where to Travel with Million Dollars in Your Pocket?

I had a weird dream last night where I won the lottery of a million dollars. But those million dollars could only be spent on travelling.

Where to Travel with Million Dollars in Your Pocket

As exciting as the notion was, it turned out really difficult to plan (even in a dream) to where to go to. The next morning as I woke up I realized, I might never get a chance of winning a million dollars, but travelling is not questionable.

Elders say that we dream about the things we desire the most. To be honest I was not sure what I wanted most? A million dollars in my pocket or the fun of travelling to unique places? Strategically speaking one can not be done without the other so million dollars it is.

A million-dollar question!

Like many others, I have always been fascinated by Canada. It has all the cool hype and funky culture attributed to many different cultures but it is still the most tourist-friendly country ever, or so I have heard.

If I did have a million dollars then I’ll have a list of places ready to go visit for. Are you interested to learn about it?

Places to visit with Million Dollars

Let’s take a quick peek into;

1. Toronto

The skyline busting attractions in Toronto makes everyone squeal in excitement. The best features of this magnificent city are comprised of CN Tower, Niagara Falls, St Lawrence Market, and the list is never-ending.

It’s a full cultural packaged trip which I will keep at the top of my list! I love the idea of people and cultures intermingled, this way you get to learn a lot about different things. I’m quite fond of sea-life (you see my father was a sailor) so visiting Ripley’s Aquarium was a fun time. The number of species housed here is stunning. And if you are a sports lover, Hockey Hall of Fame is the best place to spend some of the hundreds from the million dollars here too!

2. Guelph

One thing that I know is that Guelph feels like a mid-winter itch. You just want to visit it because you are curious to experience it. But the reason to visit this place is its history. No surprise there, I’m a history nerd, and this city is the perfect spot to start the day. So the first thing I will do is to book a limo service Guelph (with a million dollars I can definitely afford it)and travel around for as long as I want.

The Old City Hall romps with restaurants and bakeries, so yeah, that is a good way to spend some hours too. But the best part of visiting Guelph is to visit the Basilica of Our Lady – a European style structure with high arches and domes. It’s a perfect place for a person like me.

3. Fergus

Small towns always resonate its charm. This style of travelling is not for everyone. But in case you got a lot in your pocket, then why not visit it?

Nature in its original form is wild and carefree, although, in reality, you cannot deny that experiencing nature is unique. This reminds me of the Belwood Lake Conservation Area. a good place for fishing, a lake conservatory is good for a summer swim and the dam at a walking distance gives an amazing view to the entire area.

Turns out limo service Guelph is not expensive, is bookable for any amount of time, so with no worries (with million dollars!) I will go all the way on a limo transfer ride and enjoy the comfortable journey to the conservatory.  I know I sound like a person gone mad, but to be honest, anyone will.


Oh, I was daydreaming again!

What a dream can do to you is beguiling. I love the idea of travelling but what attracts me most is the idea of travelling to different places by choice not someplace that is popular by demand. So you are free to make your own choices. Why don’t you tell me where you will love to travel in Canada if u win a million dollars?!

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