Which Type Of Nose Jewellery Should You Buy?

Have you got a nose piercing? If yes, then it is obvious that you will be looking for good nose jewellery that will look good on you. Rather than going for artificial nose rings or studs, we will recommend you to get those made using a precious metal. They are safer for you and they also retain their beauty throughout your years of usage.

Which type of nose jewellery should you buy?

Depending on your style you may want to choose among different types of nose jewelleries available in the market. So, let us know a bit more about them. 

Types of nose jewelleries: 

  • Twists: These are some of the most common types of nose jewelleries that are available in the market. If you are planning to buy a stud, then it may have a twist back. The flush fit of this type of studs on the nostrils makes it a popular choice. Many people do like to wear it even when their piercing is healing. You will get a number of designs in the twist category. 
  • Nose Bone: These types of nose jewelleries are quite simple as they have a straight post and to make it secure a ball is added to the back. , also provides a flush fit on the nostrils, which prevents it from coming out from the piercing. It is better to use a nose Bone once a piercing has healed. 
  • L-Shape: Some people find it difficult to insert a twist stud in their nose piercing. For them there is the L-shaped pieces which are simpler to insert. The back post is bent at a 90-degree angle which provides the L shape. It also provides a flush fit on the nostrils.
  • Hoops and Rings: These are yet another common category of the nose are that you will find in the market. A gemstone nose pin enhances the look of a person and it is much more noticeable than a stud.  The rings can be easily inserted and in some designs, you may also secure it at the end with the help of a ball which is at times customizable. 

When you are buying a piece of jewellery you can choose to get one with precious stones such as diamond. In that case, you have to choose the size of the stone as well as its setting. Another thing that you should check while buying a piece of nose jewellery is the gauge of it. If you have just pierced your nose, then you may need a smaller gauge and with the time you can increase it. 

Should you buy nose jewelleries online? 

Of course, these days it is much easier to order something online rather than going to a shop. You just need to make sure that the website that you choose is reliable and secure. Check the gold nose ring price or any the price of any other piece that you like and compare it with other sites. Also, check the customer review of the site as it will tell you much more about them. We hope that you are able to get the nose jewellery of your choice and wear it as soon as possible. 

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