Why Do Brands Opt for SMS Marketing?

For businesses to grow and prosper, it has become a need to communicate with their customers. Because whatever they are producing is because of their customers. Their products and services are for their customers. So, they need to know what the customer’s actual needs are and what the expectations of the customer are. To make things possible SMS marketing is one of the most effective methods. This way, customers and service providers can develop a communication bridge.

This communication bridge helps in the fulfillment of customer needs and helps businesses achieve their goals. There are different myths about the benefits and disadvantages of the SMS marketing technique, but the outcomes and final results always exhibit the benefits of using this technique.

SMS stands for short messaging service, and the messages being sent to the customers are short yet informative enough to convey the sender’s intentions. Many businesses have benefited while using this service; SMS marketing agency in Dubai has worked wonders for many companies and the customers.

Brands Opt for SMS Marketing

Here in this article, we will discuss how SMS marketing strategy is different from other strategies, and what are the benefits that come with this type of marketing?

Why go for SMS marketing?

One of the main reasons for going with SMS marketing is its reach to the customers. There are many types of research and surveys on the impact of this type of marketing strategy.

Most of the results exhibited that the number of customers reached is greater through this marketing method. More than 80 percent of people have access to their mobile phones, and they use their phones several times a day.

So, it is easier for businesses to easily and effectively catch the attention of their customers through this method than any other method.

Why should brands prefer this approach?

There are several reasons why brands should prefer this marketing approach to any other approach. Below are mentioned a few of the reasons for the popularity of this method.

1). Response rate

With SMS marketing, there are great chances to get a response from the recipient. This is because people are more likely to respond to messages than emails.

Another reason for the high response rate is because more and more people are using their mobile phones for day to day shopping, and a simple short message will catch the customer’s attention. This way, the customer will be quick to respond to the messages.

2). No spam issues

Businesses who send emails to the customers telling them about their services and products are more likely to face spam folders.

People with low percent check their spam folders daily; there are higher chances of ignoring that email.

You do not need to worry about spam issues when we are talking about SMS marketing. The messages are sent directly to the user, and are higher chances of receiving a response.

3). Reach to the targeted customers

One of the most important things in the marketing industry is reaching your targeted customers and knowing who the customers are interested in buying your products and services.

As in SMS marketing, the customers’ consent is involved and has agreed to receive messages from the sender; businesses will easily identify the customers interested through their response, and next time they send their updates, they will keep these customers higher in their priority list.

4). Low cost

If we talk about other digital marketing methods like Facebook ads etc., they cost a bit higher than the cost involved in SMS marketing.

Businesses do not have to spend a huge amount to introduce their services and products in the market while using SMS. Whereas a Facebook ad will cost you a much higher amount, and the response rate will also be less.

5). Customer consent

One must not annoy the customer because if you bombard the customer with your updates, customers will be annoyed and lose that customer.

In the SMS marketing strategy, the recipient is given an option of whether he or she wants to get the latest update or not.

6). Reach a wide range of demography

SMS marketing will allow you to target people from any area irrespective of their ethnicity, culture, and norms.

This is because a wide range of demography has reached a mobile phone than any other platform.  That is why the number and type of people reached through this service are greater and more effective than other means.

Is your business ready to implement this method?

It is never too late to go back to things that are beneficial for you and your business to grow. It is just about the realization of the future needs and requirements. SMS marketing is one of the most effective strategies being implemented for ages; SMS marketing agency is making sure to make businesses realize the importance and benefits of this marketing strategy unless any better replacement is found.

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