Why Perfect Organization is the Key to an Amazing Travel Adventure

Going on a trip should be fun and exciting and a perfect opportunity to see something new and enjoy your time off. However, planning and travel organization can sometimes be difficult and tiring. The key to making that pre-travel part as easy as possible is knowing how to organize yourself and your time and money to the smallest detail. So, before you start planning, take a look at this simple list that will help you take care of everything.

Why Perfect Organization is the Key to an Amazing Travel Adventure

Pick a Destination

Knowing at least which country you want to visit is a start, but that’s not nearly enough detail to help you start planning and organizing. Saying you want to visit Russia, for example, is one thing, but being specific about the cities you wish to visit there – since it’s a huge country – will make things much easier. If you’re travelling with your friends or family, make sure you are all on the same page about the destination and desired city and everything will get much easier from there. 


Plan Your Budget

Once you’ve picked your destination, you will be able to start planning your budget. First of all, check the flights and find the cheapest ones if that’s what you want. If you start scheduling a few months earlier, chances are that you will manage to find cheaper ones. The same goes for accommodation. The prices will vary according to the place of staying, the number of nights and people at the hotel, hostel or Airbnb accommodation. 

Put everything on paper and start calculating. Also, don’t forget to include the prices of the attractions you would like to visit, food and drinks, shopping if you wish and leave some extra money for emergencies. 

Book Everything

After you’ve decided on the flights and accommodation, start booking. Have a clear plan in your head and make sure to book sufficient amounts of tickets for the flight. Also, book the rooms and you can even book the tickets for museums and other attractions you would like to see once you get there and avoid waiting in long lines. 


Start Packing

Now that most of the things are planned and everything is booked, you need to start packing. Depending on where and for how long you’re going away that much clothes you’re going to need, but remember not to overpack. You have to check the baggage allowance with your airline in order not to exceed the weight, which is usually around 20kg. But make sure to bring spare clothes with you on the plane in case your bags get lost. What is more, you can find a travel organizer that can nicely fit all of your essentials without having to pack multiple bags and pay fees at the airport. 

Basically, what you’re going to need are clothes (check if you can wash your clothes at the hotel so you can pack lighter), medication for emergencies, travel-size cosmetics and shampoos, deodorants and other hygiene products, your documents and the money. The rest of the things can easily be bought, but there is a good chance that you’re not going to need any of the extra stuff. 

Getting Around

Another thing to consider when organizing and planning your trip is to take a look at the transportation means and options at your destination. If you find it easier to go around by a local bus or subway than take a look at the routs and stations. 

However, if you’re going to go out of town for sightseeing, you might want to consider renting a car. If the destination is eco-friendly, you should look for electric cars, but if that’s not an option, look at other car rental places and options. This is also important for your budget planning, but if you believe you can see everything going on foot, then so be it. 


Start Saving Money

Now that you have a complete list of the things you want to visit and see, you should put on paper all the expenses. When all the expenses are calculated, see what’s the budget you have and if you want to or have to make any cuts. 

However, if you’ve started planning your trip a few months earlier, there are ways for you to save up some extra money for travelling. Maybe you can pick up an extra shift at work, or find some short but worthy freelance jobs and whatnot. Also, maybe there are some expenses on a daily basis that you can cut in order to save up some money. Take a look at all those options and start saving up for your adventure.

Just like with any other thing in life, an organization is key. If you want to have a relaxing trip filled with good memories and adventures, you have to be organized and plan in advance. So, put everything on paper, start packing early and save up some money and your vacation will be a dream come true. 

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