Why Roller Blinds Are The Best Choice Over Curtain Tracks

Just like choosing the furnishing for different rooms, selecting window treatments for your living space is also a personal decision. Some may prefer curtains while others like blinds. While there are so many options available in the market for windows, broadly curtains and blinds draw the attention of most homeowners.

Both curtains and roller blinds Delhi have a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of a room. However, roller blinds have a slight edge if you want to create a classic and sophisticated interior.

Roller Blinds

Here we’ll discuss how you can incorporate both curtains and roller blinds into different rooms depending on your lifestyle and preference. 

1. In a social living Room: Since you spend most of your time in the living room, it’s an essential room in your house. It’s also space where you often socialise with friends and acquaintances. So, most visitors are likely to form an impression about you through your living room. Therefore, perfection is required when doing window treatment of a living room. If you wish to add a relaxed and homely feel to a living room, you can consider curtains. However, for classic and minimal touch, roller blinds online India can be your go-to option. You will get a wide range of colour and pattern choices in both roller blinds and curtains. 

2. In a stylish bedroom interior: You need to consider the size and function of the window treatment when designing a bedroom interior. If a bedroom is large, you may opt for window curtains to have a warm and cosy interior. But for a small bedroom, roller blinds are ideal to make a room appear spacious. You may even mount them a few inches closer to the ceiling for extra height effect. Roller blinds Delhi also bring in daylight into a room. Moreover, blinds are useful when privacy is a major concern, as they can cover the entire window and give a cosy darkroom effect. 

3. In the damp bathroom: Roller blinds are a perfect option for a bathroom because these are easy to maintain and hence, score over curtains. Due to dampness, bathrooms are often prone to mould, so using roller blinds helps you clean them with ease. Plus, the space in a bathroom is generally small in apartments. So, using a blind will occupy less space than curtains. 

4. In a busy kitchen: Just like bathrooms, roller blinds are also an ideal choice for kitchens due to ease of maintenance. In case of cooking splashes and stains, you can easily clean them using a damp cloth while maintaining the grace of your kitchen. On the other hand, curtains need to be washed whenever they get stained or splashed while cooking. Curtains may also catch fire and thus, are risky in a kitchen. Therefore, roller blinds are the best option for this area of your house. 

As you’ve discovered how roller blinds are better than curtains in different areas of your house, you may consider adding them for versatile, minimal and sophisticated feel in an interior. Besides, let the room privacy, size and illumination need to guide your choice between roller blinds and curtains in a room.

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