4 Reasons Why You Need a Kickass Router

In a nutshell, a Network Router works by sitting in between an Internal Network, or a Local Access Network, and an External Network, such as a WAN, or most commonly, the internet, allowing for connectivity between the two sides to take place. In layman’s terms, a router is simply a device needed for you to connect multiple computers wirelessly to the internet. With as many as 8 Gigabit LAN Ports, and Ultra-Fast performance, the ASUS RT-AC88U is indeed the best router out there. What exactly are the reasons you need to invest in a great, kickass router? Below are just some.

Strong and Secure Firewall

One of the characteristics of a truly “kickass” router is a strong and solid firewall. A strong and solid one guarantees an added security for all the devices that are connected to the network. This helps to prevent the so-called port-scanning attacks from happening, given that the network router that’s kickass makes it hard to expose the device ports to the outside network. One of the major downsides to this is the difficulty of the computer on the outside of the networks to initiate a connection process through the router.

Kickass Router

With this difficulty, however, comes an assurance that network attacks and/or invasions of any sort simply would be near impossible to happen. Also, having a security firewall on the router, together with a software firewall which is typically installed on a lot of browsers would work for increasing the effectiveness of one or the other.

Effective Web Filter

If you’re a parent, or if your network is connected to a computer where kids may use, it may be necessary for you to make use of a web filter, where the router itself could block access to certain sites. Apart from use for children, this could also be used in workplaces to curb excessive use of social media and sites that are unrelated to work. Firmware could also be updated to feature bandwidth utilization data, IP tunneling, and load balancing.

If you wish to take your kickass router up a notch, and if you wish for more freedom in its configuration, you could make use of free, or open source software which allows you to do just that. For this to be done, you could make use of FreeWRT, Free Tomato Firmware, and OpenWrt which allows access to modifications other router firmware would not have allowed.

Smooth Wireless Connectivity

If you wish to connect a lot of devices wirelessly, then always double check and look for a wireless router, which is exactly what the ASUS RT-AC88U is all about. The even better news is the fact that the price doesn’t really stray too far from the original one. To make sure that the speed doesn’t really get slowed down, make it a point to choose a wireless router that could set strong passwords, and for one to be really kickass, one which isn’t prone to being hacked at all. Choose one that’s capable of handling several computers with ease at once. Most routers for home use are usually capable of connecting as many as 7 or 8 units wirelessly.

Wireless Router Kickass

Connection Versatility

While the wireless connection feature is something that people always look for in a router, also consider other means of connecting to it. Apart from wireless connectivity, routers are also capable of other means of connection sharing, where multiple devices could be shared from a single internet connection from your own ISP.

Apart from wireless connections, make it a point to secure one with an Ethernet connection, as with pretty much all other routers. In today’s time, a direct, wired connection is usually deemed faster than connecting from the device through the wireless route. This probably is the reason why a lot of people really want a kick-ass router to begin with.

Router Kickass


The most kick-ass router you can find in the market nowadays is the one which best suits your needs. Having said that, it would most definitely take time before you find one that sits well with you, despite the ASUS RT-AC88U being a really good one. In a nutshell, look for one that connects to the internet fast and keeps your connection secure.

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