Wiz Khalifa Did not Play Kardashian’s Tape in Public

The news regarding Wiz Khalifa alleged act was fabricated.

Wiz Khalifa did not play Kardashian’s tape in public

Wiz Khalifa did not play the sex tape pertaining to Kim Kardashian during his concert on a Jumbotron. An internet report that stated that he did play Kim’s sex tape is completely fabricated and far from truth.

As per confirmed reports, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa battled it out on social media sites when the former announced that he would be changing the title of his new album to ‘Waves’. The album was previously named ‘Swish’.

When this news was made public, Khalifa immediately accused Kanye West of steal the name of the album from rapper Max B who is currently imprisoned. Max B had released as series of mixtapes entitled ‘Waves.’

Kanye West immediately went on a rampage against Khalifa on social media insulting questioning his musical talents and insulting Amber Rose who is the mother of Khalifa’s son. Not the one to surrender, Khalifa continued the feud with Kanye West during his South Africa, America. He yelled “Kanye” in his show in Buenos Aires, and also warned Kanye West during another performance in Santiago. Khalifa advised Kanye West in public that the latter should run for his life.

An internet report stated that Wiz Khalifa settled scores with Kanye West on the stage once again. During a performance in Rio De Janeiro on Sunday, Khalifa allegedly screened Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on the jumbotron.

The whole crowd watched the tape in which Ray J participated in sexual acts with Kim. Khalifa allegedly also made some very rude remarks regarding the tape and Ray J before the crowd.

Soon after this story was published on the net, DJ Bonics who collaborated with Wiz Khalifa posted a denial on social media stating that Khalifa did not play the sex tape during the concert. He also showed disgust that people had believed this ridiculous story.

In the present digital age, it seems very odd that the outlet that reported the incident was the only one in the world to break this news. If Khalifa had actually played the sex tape in front of a crowd, there must have been some people within the group who may have recorded the proof on his / her cell phone. No such evidence had materialized as yet.

Besides the absence of evidence, there have been credible reports from various sources that the news of Wiz Khalifa playing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape during a concert was fabricated.

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