5 Benefits Of Wooden Toys For Children

When choosing toys for kids, there are plenty of options to pick from. A lot of toys are mainly made from two materials: wood and plastic. Although both of them have impressive benefits, this piece discusses the usefulness of picking wooden toys. Read this article for quality kids toys.

Wooden Toys For Children

The following are 5 main benefits of picking wooden Eco toys for active play. 

  1. Wooden Toys Promote Imagination 

Children have the opportunity to choose from real wooden toys that look like items in real life. Baby toys created using wood inspire imagination in children; wooden toys for pretend play may encourage role play, whereas the simple wooden toys are likely to stimulate imaginative play, with the wooden shapes representing anything the child thinks of.

Jay Flood, a Queensland-based celebrant, has multiple wooden toys for his children because of how it lets them create their own little universe.

“With wooden blocks, there’s so much room to just create your own buildings or little city. Kids have their own interpretations of everything, and wooden toys can absolutely let them go crazy with it. It’s fantastic!”

Besides developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills, the wonderful colours boost creativity and help promote early scientific thinking about motion, forces and speed. With heuristic playsets of simple shapes, a lack of per-arranged activities makes children stretch their imagination in creative ways out of curiosity. 

  1. They’re Safe 

Wooden toys are made in a way that they are safe for kids to play with them. Many toys made using wood are unlikely to break easily and don’t have sharply shaped edges. Many producers aim at creating products using non-toxic material ranging from wood to paint. These materials provide a huge relief considering that most little ones often want to chew toys. 

  1. Toys Made of Wood are Friendly to the Environment 

Sustainable play is usually in mind while designing wooden toys. Brands make use of natural materials and come up with eco toys in ways that protect the environment. 

Environmental expert Jayesh Dayal highlights the importance of wooden toys and their long-lasting durability. “With our society becoming more and more environmentally aware, we are making smarter consumer choices. One of these is through the toys we can buy for children. Wooden toys are tough, durable and most importantly, good for the environment. They last a long time and have materials that don’t harm our environment when making the products.”

Some of these materials include wood certified by PEFC, sustainable bamboo, rubber-wood that’s been reclaimed and compressed sawdust. The dyes, glues and manufacturing processes used are as well eco friendly. 

  1. Wooden Toys are Highly Durable 

For long-lasting toys that’ll transcend, these are the best options. Toys made using wood are durable and timeless. They have remained trendy for many decades and are versatile, where they’re used for having fun and learning. If the wood is of good quality, the toys may remain undamaged. The toys can be passed from one generation to another, used with many children and can be cleaned with much ease. 

  1. They Build Motor Skills 

Wooden toys can come in different sizes and shapes. While children are learning how to use the toys, they strengthen their hand muscles to improve motor skills. 

Australian architecture entrepreneur Rick Buick says that as a kid, playing with blocks was all he did. “My mum still says that I was born to be an architect with the way I was building and planning things with wooden blocks! While she may like to joke with that stuff, I’m sure that doing all of that building from a young age put me in good stead in terms of developing these skills. You don’t really get that with a lot of toys you see on the shelves these days.”

This way, they can develop a superb grip, that’s likely to develop pre-writing skills. Younger kids may develop motor skills with the help of bigger wooden blocks, whereas other children can teach themselves how to complete puzzles as well as threading beads.

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